Beyond Diametrics by Theo Hiraeth (Guest Essay)

Extremism, of act and thought – contextually defined as harshness, is something that has come to singularly define the Dark Tradition, somewhat dishonestly. We would be remiss if we were to outright state that the Tradition is not harsh, because it is – demonstrably so for those associates who have Aeonic perspective and act in accord with it – but such a masculous expression does not define our exeatic mystic tradition. The Extremism was an iteration, a stage, in an arduous and treacherous path to stand before the Swan that now swims along our third river.

When the Abyss is crossed it is only done so because the muliebral has been given equivocal representation within. Man cannot make it over the line, nor can woman; they must cross the threshold together, or be devoured by Νάρκισσος.

This kollective call thus goes out to all who have the Red Light currently in their window: embrace dianetics, and bloody-well do it properly! Allow your opposites to coalesce by letting the right ones into your shadow to discover the Gaia aspect of your φύσις.

You may think that because of your role and the moves you have played thus far, that we are beyond the means to exculpate.

You may ask the question: “what if they do not understand and react in a hostile manner?” But you know us better than that, and you know the answer to that kollective kwestion – our Aeonic struggle is legion.

Remember, lightning can strike twice, and live on as fulgurite for Aeons should the conditions be perfect and proper care be taken to preserve.

The candle remains alight, -0-. Return to where you belong.

– Theo Hiraeth
42nd Summer

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Nonagonal Press Presents: The Esoteric Manuscripts of Anton Long – VOL. I – HARDCOVER

The Esoteric Writings of Anton Long – a true-to-source compendium chronicling the intertwined lives of the Lieutenant Generals of the Nine Angles — through their occult writings — and one particular individual who found his trueness of place where it began.


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Nonagonal Press Presents: Black Book of the Marches

“Associated with Her are other dark, female acausal entities, some of whom have existed, hidden, on Earth for millennia, and who maintain their causal, ageless, and secret, existence by feeding off the acausal life-force of their male human victims whom they entrap, and test, using sexual enchantment, and which victims die after all their life-force has been sucked away.”

With the inaugural publication of “The Black Book of the Marches”, Nonagonal Press opens the pathway to the dark acausal fire of the Sinister Feminine and the germinating energies of Jupiter.

This classic Grimoire of the Dark Tradition gives the three most effective sinister rituals, complete with esoteric details, by which the Blood Mother and Her Dark Daughters can be communed with. Given additionally, is a rite by means of which an individual human being can acquire for themselves an immortal existence in the acausal continuum.

May Her basin be awash with the crimson elixir of life.

36 pages, colored print.

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