Daniel Barker Von Welf (NSK) Speaks


BX: Let me first say thanks for letting me ask you a few questions. I know you are eager to set the record straight so let’s get right to it.

DB: Sure.

BX: Are you, or have you ever been affiliated with Tempel ov Blood?

DB: Yes, I was. For the better part of two decades.

BX: What was your position within ToB and what did it involve?

DB: I was second in command next to Sutter for about — um, let’s see… 12 – 13 years, give or take? But I was a member for a few more years than that. During that time I played a key role in the expansion of TOB from perhaps a handful of members at best, as it was when I was “made” or “patched in” if you will, to an internationally established and recognized organization with chapters spread out across nearly every continent. I was involved in the planning and overseeing of many activities, both personally as well as alongside Sutter, working in tandem.

I oversaw and actively participated in recruitment and…training — umm, mentorship of other members; both high tier and new, as well as new recruits.

Many organizational standards of practice were set by my person, including what became the standardized and highly recognizable altar set-up which evidently became something of a… well, calling card, due to the rabid propagation of such by those who were associated or involved with the organization.

The first TOB flag was made by me; constructed using a cut out heavy black cloth drape and white paint covered in blood. Was also the first member to get the crest tattooed on me which was done after completing my formal induction as a full member into the Blood Family.

I was also the organization’s outer representative and owned, managed and operated our official website, as well as other various public fronts attached to the organization, e.g., New Bihar Mandir; which I later learned was another one of Sutter’s honeytraps, which pissed me off.

Umm. Is there anything else I’m missing? Oh, yeah. I authored a substantial amount of fundamental manuscripts, propaganda and other forms of audial, written and visual content for the organization.

In addition to running the public front and websites, I was also in charge of our publishing sector with Black Light Distribution and The Black Press; both of which I was as well the owner of. The majority of editing for our mss and graphic art design was also done by me. My participation in the publishing sector came to an end when he started Martinet Press, yet another act that infuriated me. This came as a sudden surprise as I had just finished constructing, designing, formatting and editing what was supposed to be the final pre-production version of Liber 333, which was set to be published through The Black Press.

The original name of Liber 333 was actually set to be titled “Psycho-politics of Predation”, and then out of nowhere Martinet Press appeared with someone else whom I was not aware of behind it working with Sutter and Hoy. It was rather insulting to be honest, not to mention disrespectful by not being given any notice of the abrupt change beforehand. Yeah, I think that covers everything.

BX: I have it on good authority from an ex-ToB member that you were among the first to sound the alarm bells concerning entrapment practices within the organisation. Is this true?

DB: Yes, this is indeed fact. Your source is clearly well informed.

BX: Could you tell me what happened on the day that Joshua Caleb Sutter was exposed as a federal informant?

DB: After finding out, I took a few minutes to… ugh, it annoys me just thinking about it, pardon me. Yeah anyways, it took me a few minutes to digest what I had just discovered, to allow myself some time to think about what course of action to take next. I’ll be honest – I was shocked, appalled and completely enraged by this apparent massive breach of security and betrayal that verily came from the highest level of the Blood Family; literally. We were after all, at least as far as I was concerned, extended family in our own weird way; bound together by our clan. We spoke over the phone regularly and had done so for many years and therefore had long since come to be able to read his demeanor and/or general mode or state of mind simply by the sound in his voice. And..when he answered the phone, there was a  noticeable sense of uneasiness or apprehension in his voice which I took note of immediately.

He had always come across very confident and with a sense of self-assurance present in his voice; that day was different. Right off the bat, I called him out on my findings which clearly caught him off guard. He was stuttering and obviously trying to come up with some kind of alternative explanation to the claims against him on the fly — you know, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He settled with telling me in response that it was nothing more than a black propaganda agenda being implemented against him by unknown sources through using the media as their weaponized vehicle. He didn’t seem alarmed or even remotely surprised as he of course denied the entire thing; attempting to “laugh it off”with an underlying sense of desperation in his voice, in hopes that I would believe his narrative. However, I had already figured out he was lying when he answered the phone by way of his demeanour and stutter in his voice which I’d never heard before from him.

So I decided to leave it at that for the moment and pretended to go along with his explanation. There were certain precautions that needed to be tended to before showing him my cards. The call was brief and ended shortly after that by as per usual relaying that we would speak again soon. After the call ended, I went through a list of contacts in the organization and began making phone calls to them to make sure they knew what had happened and to give them heads up to cut contact with him immediately and prepare for whatever was to potentially follow as a result of his cataclysmic act of dishonor and betrayal against his own.

Later I discovered that he had been planning to set me up as well, just as he had done to other members of the organization around the same time — “cheeky prick”, I remember thinking at the time, or something like that anyway. These instances and others came to light once Sutter had been exposed; many question marks and missing dots suddenly connected and became clear.

I remember many years ago, Sutter quietly relaying to me through a “read between the lines” method of wording, that we had a member who was indeed also actively in the CIA. I was younger then and perhaps still somewhat naïve to certain things, as I never would have expected to later find out in the end, that in truth he was acting as a federal confidential informant and that the person he was referencing was clearly his… uh, handler, not a bloody member of ToB as he presented it to me way back then. Live and learn I suppose. Many of us were deceived by him in the end.

BX: It has been implied that you are affiliated with 764. I’m aware that The Black Order released a statement addressing the allegation with sound reasoning, but could I hear the truth from you?

DB: I have never been affiliated with the 764 group. I neither support them nor do I condone their degenerate behavior. For starters, the so-called “evidence” that has been propagated is absolute bollocks — utter rubbish. The image was taken from an AWD photograph and then edited. Before my information was revealed they suggested I was some scrawny kid, but as it has now since been made clear due to the dox, my body type does not match. The fact that they used that kid in the AWD photo reveals they knew nothing of my person or stature prior to the leak, so anything they claim should be treated with extreme scrutiny.

BX: What is your opinion on child abusers, and have you ever knowingly co-operated with them?

DB: I have zero, absolutely zero tolerance for these kinds of degenerate scum. It is never acceptable to abuse children and anyone that does should be opfered; they all deserve the tight rope of the dead man’s knot. I have never, nor would I ever knowingly associate or co-operate with anyone who abuses children or proliferates support for such despicable and degenerate activities.

It was roughly in and around the same time — shortly before — that Sutter’s acute treachery was exposed, that his agenda to encourage and proliferate the support of such disgraceful content and activities became blatantly evident. I had in fact already begun a process of distancing myself from him gradually, over the course of a couple years, preceding his exposure because of this very reason, for which I had suspicions of which continued to rapidly increase.

After the phone call made to him was finished, following the release of his publicized, damning ruin, I cut contact with him, tended to the necessary final arrangements, and then hammered in the last coffin nail of my tenure-ship with the Tempel ov Blood. Caveat lector – si monumentum requiris, circumspice.

BX: What are your intentions with The Black Order going forward?

DB: On an exoteric level: We have been preparing the necessary foundations to incorporate certain Central and South American based dark currents, traditions and systems of magick into The Black Order with the help of a dearly, dearly beloved Latin American brother of ours. We have particular interest in establishing a strong presence in the Central and South Americas in addition to our footings already laid across multiple other nations, internationally.

On an esoteric level, which I have mentioned to others quite a bit now, so it’s kinda’ rehearsed — From those who came before us, a brilliant shining torch carried. Illuminating are the calculations of darkness betwixt the grey angular incline. Traverse the labyrinthian hallways of always, to build ever upwards through the pyramid towards the cranial black sky that is without end. Upon the diamond femur of Terra, sand becomes iron; with honour, nobility and unforgiving perseverance. Molded and forged are they, the mountainous building blocks of tomorrow which aim even higher; seek to threaten the exosphere of potential.

For those who are yet to come, we prepare our camps, sharpen our blades and harden our tools. For those who are yet to come, we stock your woodshed and tend the fields of harvest in preparation for the solstice of ice which shall one day find and own your calendar; and when the cold once again returns, a torch to you blazing, in your hands burning.

To those of today, Carpe Noctim

BX: Wow. That was a mouthful!

DB: Haha. I guess it was, yeah.

BX: As you previously mentioned, your personal information was recently leaked, hence why we are having this interview. Could you tell me how this has impacted you?

DB: This changes nothing; I know the rules of the game. What’s done is done, but I hope those responsible will pay me a visit soon. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

BX: Considering that your information was released by an organization that was founded and named after a friend of ours and Traditional Satanist, Justin Jekt (Injekt Division). Were you surprised by the hypocrisy?

DB: Not really. The people who point fingers usually have the most to hide. I guess it does make sense because… umm, if you apply logic it reveals a personal motive of one of their members — a member that “justifies” their behaviour with national socialism and Christianity even though the origin story of their group is inherently satanic. You couldn’t make this shit up! It’s a cognitive dissonance that’s quite amusing to be honest. I mean come on, what’s so Christian about having a leader that tries to shoot up a Walmart? I don’t think they have a clue who they are deep down, just another bunch of lost kids that society has failed, looking for a surrogate mother in a man, in a Freudian sort of way if you know what I mean?

It could be deeper than that even. If we look at one of their victims, the porn star Riley Reid, what motive do we see? She’s a woman that loves sex, she’s… popular, she’s… successful. Any psychologist would tell you that those who are more likely to attack someone like that are the polar opposite of that person, that they are likely constantly unsuccessful with women or men, and that they get pushed around or are not even acknowledged in their day-to-day lives. They then lash out because they are unhappy with their own lives and it’s easier to project your insecurities onto someone else and cathartically attack them instead of admitting you perceive yourself as a failure. But what do I know? I’m just a nobody who happens to be a satanist.

BX: Okay. Great stuff. Thanks for your time, man.

DB:  Thank you, it’s been a pleasure. Fides in Adversis.

This interview was conducted by T.C. Downey on the date of 11/07/2024 through a recorded telephone call that was then transcribed.

Note: within the following publication Erda, on pages 5 and 6 under the title, A New Beginning, more information on Kevin Lokison’s (Kevin Rockhill) successorship and reformation of The Black Order can be found.

Download Erda Here

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The Reflected Revealed – One Ritual of Shamanic and Necromantic Channeling

Find a location where the bones of an animal have been buried and arrange several medium-sized stones in a henge to resemble the symbol of the A:O. Once night has fallen, place two candles on the left and right side of the A:O symbol, using lanterns to protect the candles from the wind if necessary.

Beginning at the top of the symbol, walk widdershins around the stones while using the shaker, ensuring the rhythm of the shaking is akin to a heartbeat. One rotation translates to one reverse revolution of the Earth around the Sun, so walk around the stones until the number of revolutions reaches the year in which the animal perished. If you do not possess that knowledge, cease when it feels right, ending where you began.

Walk through the centre of the stones, turn around and kneel in front of the bottom of the A:O symbol. Focus on the area where the bones are situated and visualise the essence outline of the animal rising from its resting place, its luminescent colour corresponding to the emotion it felt at the moment of its passing. Allow yourself to become a nexion for the spirit of the animal: roar, scream, yelp, whimper. Be honest about what you feel from the animal and channel it into wondrous expression, permitting it to change you, shift you, into the animal.

Before long, exhaustion will take root. You will collapse to the floor and be presented with the option to close your eyes and engage the visions that come, or enjoy the chthonic emptiness of the night sky above.

Addendum: Crafting the Shaker

For the construction of the shaker the following ingredients and equipment are required: 1 fabric pouch, 2 small glass vials (with corks), 3 small pieces of quartz, seeds, blood-infused salt or soil and several tiny stones.

Begin by filling the pouch with some salt. Add the tiny stones to the glass vials, fill them a quarter of the way, seal them, and then add them – plus the rest of the ingredients – to the pouch. Make sure the contents of the pouch have enough room to clash, lest an underwhelming sound be generated upon shaking.

Penultimately, fasten several bone fragments to a length of string and tie it around the pouch about an inch below the top, proceeding to seal the top of the pouch with hot wax. Lastly, attach the sigil or symbol relevant to the working(s) that the shaker will be used for by drawing the sigil/symbol on a small piece of parchment and sealing it against the pouch with hot wax.

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The Currents of Wyrd

Wyrd is an odd word, it looks like “word” and sounds like “weird”. Yet… Wyrd is the underlying fabric of the Nine Worlds and one of the central concepts of Druwydry. The rudimentary definition is something like “the course of events” or ” The Cosmic Fates”. A more intuitive understanding might be “what is to come”. In Druwydry, Wyrd represents the powerful currents of influence that control how events unfold in linear time. It is possible to displace the flow of Wyrd that is revealed through a specific alignment of The Mastery and Deed.

A Self-Centric Eye (the Master I)

Every Western institution over the past 100 years has been designed to manufacture “sleepers” that obey. This happens because the Magians and Puritans idealize putting others above ourselves. This is a monumental err. Literally putting the cart before the horse and then putting full cup blinkers on it. Selflessness benefits none in the long term and only benefits opportunistically in the short term.

Deep down, everyone knows this is true. Self-centrism is extremely frowned upon, yet everyone practices it and dresses it up in the disguise of selflessness. By becoming self-centric, you begin to pay attention and become sensitive to what impacts you directly. Developing a deeper understanding of what influences you and in what way. Without that understanding you are a vessel adrift without anchor or sail undoubtedly heading towards the rapids and rocks. Torn and shredded pieces are destined to settle into the river bed, somewhere downstream.

A correction is in order. It is necessary to embrace self as priority and in this begin the seeding of essence. What grows from the seeds? An authentic understanding of who you are, where you are, what you like, and what motivates you. This is the fundamental basis of self-remembering. Creating awareness simultaneously of what is known and the knower. Awareness of the deed and the doer.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

We are taught the results of being self-centric is devastating and destructive. Somehow it is corrosive to our collective relationships. Self-centrism is falsely construed as selfishness. In accordance, it is thought that it creates no contribution to the “greater society at large”. Yet a survey of the landscape tells a different story.

The wretched who care only about themselves seem to live forever. The ruthless businessman gets richer and more powerful. The self-obsessed athlete becomes the best in his game. The politician rises in his influence and reach. In a very real sense Satan is King of this World. The nature of this world is adversarial and the road to hell is always paved with good intentions

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. All said to be deadly Sins. However in a controlled and deliberate use, we are led to the path of freedom and prosperity. Lust leads to the fulfillment of sexual needs. Gluttony brings forth a fullness of living. Envy creates motivation and drive to improve your station. Pride brings a focus to constantly refine and develop the self. Greed to financial fulfillment. Wrath to justice. Sloth to emancipation from fruitless labor.

Perilously Traverse the Currents of Wyrd

We live in a dangerous world. Everything is surely trying to kill us, even Destiny herself. Nythra will not be denied. Yet under the Moonlight, there’s a winding staircase that leads to the blue room of Mars. It is here in The Dark Pools that we can divine the Currents of Wyrd. Given we have the foresight, that is the occult abilities to; chart our course along the ebbs and flows of the Great River as it’s rushing.

We can apprehend Cosmic Emanation, as we see the spring forming the Dark Pool. It begins to stream outwardly. The stream eventually feeding into the Great River. I close this entry with a quote from Magister Hagur. May your Travels be by your revealed Wyrd.

“Shugara, highly developed intellectually and greatly motivated achieves objectivity wherever he is found, bringing about the deep sinister intent. The Dark God is influenced by the planets Moon and Mars, responding to their attraction, ever ready to transmit its energies to all those contemplating the Tree of Wyrd as a way of sinister living, and this means:

(1) Endeavouring to arrive at an absolute sinister motive.

(2) The ability to enter in the silence of the chaotic mind to realise the sinister way.

(3) Remembering at all time the strict self-disciplined life, which
does not mean that life is undone of sensual perception, on the contrary it does stir up a well-balanced dark life.

(4) Using self-control facing the unknown.

(5) Not to scatter innate sinister forces vainly, but focus them to a particular sinister goal. “ – Hagur

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Genesys of the Darkhorse

In the beginning, man and woman were free to be one with nature. They endured and figured out how to survive its laws, learning through trial, error, and from other animals. As they evolved they came together as human packs to increase their probability of survival, forming tribes and small communities. Then the tribes increased in size, expanding beyond their hunting grounds and into the greater kingdom of nature. The survival rate and territory of the other animals started to decline with the passing of time as humanity established itself as the apex predator. With nothing aside from natural disasters and disease to challenge man & woman’s dominion they continued to expand exponentially, taking the lion’s share of resources and living-space.

As time marched on the human race imagined itself among the stars and heavens, beginning to see itself as a separate entity of the animal kingdom. Our societies & ways of life changed to reflect our delusion, and we were reincarnated as an aberration of nature with excessive consciousness. The conceptualisation of our experiences grew more artificial and our problem-solving became more cerebral. We solved anatomical puzzles, split the atom, and reached the stars, only to realise that existence was more complex and mechanical than we initially thought, culminating in the atrophy of our hunter-gatherer genetics and the psychosis of our 21st century existence.

The human animal is now an estranged creature ensnared by a manic hysteria of its own making. Due to the grooming and pressures of society we subconsciously agreed upon rules to live by which exist in contrast to our nature. As our familial bonds have subsided for various reasons we no longer have the environment which encouraged this nurtured learning, leaving a void in our understanding of the world and each other. No longer can we as a species default to the animalistic nature which helped our evolution to this point, leaving an altogether confused animal locked in an empty room with full awareness of the futility of its own existence.

The Darkhorse kicks…

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Equilibrium of Personal Destiny and Greater Wyrd

In an attempt to simplify in theory – and reveal complexity in experience – I will be briefly discussing what Personal Destiny and greater Wyrd are, how they relate to one another, and the potential consequences of measuring too high on either the internal or external locus of control spectrum.

Personal Destiny – the life-long unfolding of an individual’s physis, which occurs alongside the eternal unfolding of the Acausal’s physis.

Greater wyrd – the eternal unfolding of the Acausal’s physis: the death and birth of natural and numinous emanations, which occurs alongside the life-long unfolding of the physis of individuals.

Both Personal Destiny and the Greater Wyrd are microcosmically separate, yet macrocosmically intertwined.

Personal Destiny and Greater Wyrd can also be understood in terms of locus of control. Within Personal Destiny there is a degree of control the individual can exert over the variables engineered and influenced by the Greater Wyrd. The degree of control is either increased or decreased based on the individual’s perception of how much control they have over external variables, and is particularly impacted by the level of personal responsibility they take for their actions and behaviours. If the individual believes that they are at the absolute mercy of Greater Wyrd they have a high external locus of control. On the other hand, if the individual believes that they have absolute control over Greater wyrd they have a high internal locus of control. Both extremes can contribute to misapprehensions of both Personal Destiny and Greater Wyrd, often ending in renouncement of the tradition or mental health afflictions.

In order for the individual to continue their exeatic journey with confidence and dedication, an equilibrium has to be achieved between internal and external locus of control (Personal Destiny and Greater Wyrd). To permit one to win-out over the other will surely end the journey before long because it is an absolute state of thinking that allows no room for innovation and experimentation, which is something the exeatic journey of physis- unfolding is diametrically opposed to.

This is all that needs to be said on the matter of Personal Destiny, Greater Wyrd, and their implications: the rest is to be experienced, ergo; participate in rituals, give body to desire, go beyond good and evil.

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Nochtadh Cosmaí

The Sinister Creed

Satan in particular and the Dark Gods in general are a means to self-fulfillment and self-

Only by journeying through the darkness within us and without can we attain self-divinity and
thus fulfil the potentiality of our existence.

Our rites, ceremonies and practices are all life-affirming, and show us the ecstasy of existence
and the self-overcoming of the true Adept.

We are feared because we defy and seek to know and thus understand. We rejoice in living: in all
its pleasures but most particularly in its possibilities. We thus extend the frontiers of evolution
while others sleep or cry.

We detest all that enervates and would rather die than submit to anyone or anything – this pride is
the pride of Satan, and Satan is a symbol of our defiance and a sign of our life-enhancing energy.
Others see our way of living and our way of dying and are afraid.

When we hate we hate openly and with arrogance, and when we love, we love with a passion to
match this arrogance: always mindful never to love anyone so much that we cannot see them die,
for death is a natural changing of energies.

We prepare – through our magick and our ways of living – for the Age of Fire (the Aeon of the
Dark Gods) which is to come, when we elitist few shall reach out toward the stars and the galaxies and the new challenges they will bring.

Our way is difficult and dangerous and is for the few who can truly defy the matrix of illusions of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ – that stifle the potentiality of our being.

What does not kill us, makes us stronger.

Codex Saerus – The Order of Nine Angles

As the world around us violently changes, I am reminded of the lobster in the boiling pot. The rich have become nothing but richer, and the poor are only poorer. The masses are so caught up in the little manufactured achievements bestowed upon them. So blinded; so stupid. Men are so emasculated and women are no longer truly venerated. Gender has become something only identified with, and is no longer celebrated or even taboo. One might think to themselves “what strides of social equality have been achieved”, but to me that begs the question; what did it cost us?

I am a person who rarely apologizes, but if any of what I am saying offends you; I am truly sorry. You see, I harbor no phobias in this topic and if it should sound as such; well tough shit, all you will get is an apology from me for it. I am all about becoming who you truly are. If this means you are something other than the once “societal standard”; by all means embrace it. Keep in mind though, I am of the old school of thought; where we do not peek over our neighbor’s fences. So when I speak on these matters, understand that I am not coming from a place of bigoted mind. The only reason, I have chosen to bring this up is, because I believe we are being robbed of something essential and this demonstrates it adequately.

What I mean is this, when I was a small child, life hit me with a series of unfortunate events. I was first stricken sick as an infant. That left me with a massive hearing loss. A short time later, my father passed away in an accident. This left my mother extremely poor and emotionally in despair. She was pregnant at the time of his passing. I went through more than several years of abuse at the hands of my step-family. Mental, physical, and sexual; its like Prego “it’s in there”. By the time I hit the ages of 11-13, my somewhat shy and self-conscious demeanor had culminated into a seemingly magnetic target for bullying. This is the part of the story, where someone should have come to my rescue, and it isn’t. No hero came, no one stuck up for me. The school didn’t care, the police gave even less of a shit.

What transpired instead was a cosmic test of mettle. You see I was born determined. Each event listed I overcame; I rose above it. By the age of 14, I knew who I truly was and nothing was going to hold me down. None of the disadvantages I inherited, would make me take a knee. I had taken on the mantra of, “Why? Because fuck you, that’s why!”. I am my own champion. A warrior within my own rite! The bullies, I bullied them. The abuse I suffered, I let it be the kindling of my internal fire. The deafness, you would have no idea it is there if I did not say so.

Understand this now, I AM NOT SPECIAL! There is nothing about me beyond my defiance and determination that made it possible to overcome. Which is what finally brings me to the impetus and thrust of this entry. “Only by journeying through the darkness within us and without can we attain self-divinity and thus fulfil the potentiality of our existence.” The Sinister Creed gives us 9 points with a singular energy, the thrust to defy and overcome.

It used to be that people of different sexual orientations had to undergo a very personal quest of self-discovery and self-empowerment. So I think, those that did so will understand where I am coming from with this. It should not just be handed to you. You will miss out on everything that truly gives self power and strength. Sure there are those that will succumb and fail, not all are worthy of truly living (in my views, not all are worthy of life). Each must pass the tests of living to be worthy of doing so. Those we coddle, we do them no service. We may love them, but we must be willing to watch them die. This is the Law of Nature, it always has been. This is a cosmic revelation, yet has been no kept secret.

So in that, what do I mean by cosmic revelation? When we look into nature what we see is constantly repeating patterns. Fractals if you will. What happens on a microscopic level, seems to also happen on larger and larger scales. The Law of Nature is no different. In the same way, that a seedling planted on the shadyside of a tree has to struggle and overcome to survive; so must we endure to survive.

With all of the solar storm activity in the news lately, it should also be apparent that the same condition exists on that level. There is in fact, a delicate balance struck in nature. Some of which we can see and comprehend, the rest though the pattern remains elusive.

To be continued…


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Undertow – The Currents of Influence

For far too long, we have suppressed the whole of our beings. We do so by our own volition. We recklessly submit to erroneous and often purposely imposed influences. In that submission; we deny ourselves evolution. We fail to see the pitfall of not developing our full body. Claiming we are a unique being. Yet going along with the herd at the same time. A marionette of mundanes. Throughout this site, you will find tools which can be used to cut these strings.

Remember it is said, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

Carefully choosing what influences you, will greatly impact the character of your being. We are living organisms. It stands to reason that, what we intake (IE.. Nutrition, chemical infusion, etc.) will directly augment what we output. In following this to its entirety, we discover a universal principle of causal effect.

When we discuss it at this level of psycho-physiology (termed here ‘the meta’); we are examining a parallel concept to what G.I. Gurdjieff spoke of as identification. Allowing the transition from Man #1 #2 #3 into #4 or #5 and then sequentially #6 and #7.

It can be understood that Man 1-2-3 and 4 are “In Time”, with Man #5 being the pinnacle of what is possible “In Time”. #6 and #7 are then respectively “Against Time” and “Above Time”. These ideas reflect a kind of echo of the 7FW and Hermetic Traditions. Predisposing the initiate to specific influences and catalyzing the meta change.

“The Dark Gods, who in deepest secret entity are powers of the Unconsciousness whether personal or collective, seated in it as in their proper home, are in their knowledge “sinister-truth-conscious” and in their action possessed of the “seer-will”. Their unconscious force turned towards chaos evoking works and dark creation is possessed and guided by a perfect and direct knowledge of the thing to be done, its essence and its law,a knowledge which determines a whole effective will-power that does not deviate or falter in its process or in its result, but expresses and fulfils spontaneously and inevitably in the act that which is seen in their energy.”

– Magister Hagur

In the quote above, we can recognize that Hagur is describing something which can be understood as the law of influence. We can recognize what might be vectored as the ‘hand of the Dark Gods” in the statement. Allowing the Work of the dark creation to flow through the unconscious into action. He even assigns categories, personal or collective. Which we can liken to scales of alchemy. The internal alchemy of the psychonaut and the external alchemy (sorcery) of the cosmonaut.

Sorcery is like alchemy in that it is about understanding the polarizations of opposing forces. Recognizing where they attract and where they repel, and then ascending above them at just the right moment, so that you might put a hand in their direction. That you might influence the current.

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The Cosmic Order of Mayhem

The political philosophy of anarchism is integral to self-development and individuation, alchemically speaking, but its general apprehension and application is myopic and considerably juvenile as consequence of its adherents possessing a lack of knowledge of Heraclitus’ concept of flux.

Heraclitus posited that life exists in a perpetual flow of change; that nothing remains the same; that order and disorder phase in and out of existence.

The average anarchist states their commitment to ensuring a lasting state of entropy within societal systems for the purpose of providing everlasting autonomy and opposing any form of subjugation. The issue with this directive is that it goes against the concept of flux and Nature’s mechanics, which ostensibly present that every facet of life experiences a period of order and disorder.

The forest, for example, lives in a state of order: there is hierarchy among the living things within the trees and fauna, with every living thing consuming, breeding and sheltering in accord with that hierarchy. That is until a wild fire comes along and sows disorder, burning to cinders their habitats and uprooting their routines; decimating plant life and killing animals and insects in the process. After the passing of time, the forest begins to bloom again and become populated once more, returning order to it – c’est la vie.

Flux reveals that order and disorder co-exist in a macrocosm; for their expressions – as and when they are expressed – are part of a cycle, a system, an order, which is cosmic.

“We both step and do not step into the same, we both are and are not”
— Heraclitus

Therefore, this cosmic flow of order and disorder is something that cannot be prevented by human agency, only delayed, as the dam will inevitably break and order or disorder will drown our binary beliefs.

What this means is that chaos cannot be the only raison d’être for the anarchist because to continue under the notion reveals a hubristic lack of insight in addition to indolent reasoning. The purpose of an anarchist must reasonably and empathetically be to create fertile ground for the seeds of the new, creating conditions through destruction and disorder in which natural order, sans human interference, can bloom.

The alchemical application of this raison d’être as it relates to Mayhem – the Anarchist instance in the Nine Worlds cosmology of the 9A:O – will hopefully contribute to self-development in so far that an understanding of the expressions of Mayhem, as being part of the natural cosmic order, has been imparted by this revision of conventional anarchism.

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Cychwyn – An Offering for The Dread Mother

“They hear of us, but do not hear us.
They know of us, but do not know us.
They see us, but do not see within us.
They need not hear us, only our deeds.
They need not know us, only our mark.
They need not see within us, only within themselves.”

– Mantra of The Insidious Way

The initiative process of the Insidious Way is handled by way of traditional initiation. As such, there is no reality in which a practitioner can become a brother or sister of the Way without being sanctioned by passing the following test, which is tripartite and features intimations of the Dread Mother and other such correspondences.


Candidates are first tested by being assigned a recruitment task. They must identify, approach and build a rapport with a Bawrn for the purpose of recruitment without the target learning of the intention, It takes a Bawrn to know another. Thus, this initial test will prove or disprove the social engineering capabilities of the candidate – in addition to confidence, acumen and natural magnetism, which is part and parcel of a proficient Grayling – to reveal the beginnings of the Darkhorse within them if it is indeed present.


The second test is a matter of knowing the literature and ethos of The Insidious Way, recognising weaknesses within the self, and proving as such via a written test that will be assessed by the founder of the Way.


The final test is known as The Game: a sinister festival of a competitive nature that begins on Winter Solstice once aurally revealed to the candidate, and is to be executed on the Eve of Samhain. Once the candidate has passed all three tests they are awarded the opportunity to join the subterranean 9A:O network of Darkhorses, that sense and act in unified accordance with Wyrd as it is apprehended through the A:O, to further the sinister dialectic.

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