Circulation – The Art of Raising, Releasing and Harnessing Fòrsa Beatha

Prefatory Note on Cleansing:
Before each Circulation a cleansing must take place. Nature is perpetually cleansing itself and so too must the Bawrn cleanse, lest they introduce ‘impurities’ into Nature and negatively impact the nexions they will be opening. The two recommendations for cleansing are: (1) smudging with white sage; and (2) bathing in salt water.


Circulation I

Stand barefoot upon natural ground and assume the Wuji posture (Qi Gong). Turn your palms face-up and bring your hands together with the finger tips of the left hand roughly half an inch from the right hand, as if holding a bowl in both hands. Raise the shape to the heart area while inhaling and then invert the shape, bringing it down to your naval while exhaling.

Repeat this as many times as desired but a minimal of five repetitions is advised. Finish with positioning your back against the floor and meditating on the earth’s energy.


Circulation II

Take a knee and place both hands face down in a body of clear, shallow water, ensuring the thumbs are touching; fingers are spread. Slowly rotate the hands inwards until the forefingers connect to form the shape of a triangle and bring the other fingers together. Finally, push the thumbs inward so that the shape resembles the head of an arrow, then reverse the movements until you return to the first position. As you perform the movements, visualise a red opening up underwater in the space between the hands.

When you are ready to conclude the Circulation, hold your breath, place your left or right palm over the rend and visualise the water penetrating your palm, entering your veins and spreading through your body. When the breath can no longer be held, slowly exhale.


Circulation III

Build a small fire, or light a candle, and gradually bring both hands together – palms facing inwards – around the flame and then contract them, as if massaging the flame between them.  Begin as close to the flame as possible without causing pain, following your own heat tolerance by making the space between the hands larger if necessary. The temperature should remain warm on the hands, not hot or cold.

After however many repetitions you feel are required, withdraw the hands and take a step back. Focus on the flame, try to predict its movements as it dances atop. Before long, you will find that your predictions are becoming more accurate…


Circulation IV

Locate a hill, mountain top, bay – anywhere in which the wind can manifest at its strongest, and take a seat or knee not too far from the edge. Focus on the horizon until the wind can be clearly heard then close your eyes and begin the reverse breathing technique (Taoism) to enter a meditative state. Open your eyes once entranced, reach on hand above your head and slowly clench the hand into a fist when the wind is at its strongest, keeping it clenched until the wind eases, then slowly unclenching it into an open palm again.

Repeat this five times and rise to your feet with your arms outstretched as the wind begins to pick up again. Embrace the tempestuous energy of the wind; let it rattle you; move you, in body, mind and spirit. Stand for as long as you are able. Once the power temporarily subsides, fall to your knees. When the wind returns again in full force, explode to your feet and meet its strength a final time, enduring and absorbing its energy until it flows back into a gentle state.


Circulation V

Participate in sexual union with the express purpose of raising, releasing and harnessing the tremendous occulted power of the female orgasm. While on the precipice of climax the partners should visualise a purple light shooting and pulsing upwards from the vagina toward the third eye of the female, then further visualise ♀︎ – through lock eyes –  appearing within the irises of the climaxing female in florescent purple before flickering to ♃.


(1) Circulation is the name given to the occult ability of raising, releasing and harnessing fòrsa beatha.

(2) Circulations can be performed as frequently or infrequently as desired, but proficiency in the art can only be achieved through repetition, discipline and the further independent study of energy work.

(3) Circulation V is not restricted to a heterosexual encounter and will likely produce a stronger result through its sapphic alternative. However, due to the female orgasm being a cardinal aspect of this Circulation, uranic unions will yield no results.

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