Druwydry – An Insidious Way

Strength Seer

“When something is revered as beautiful, it becomes ugly.
If a virtue is thought to be altruistic, it is not worthy.
Being rises up, born of non-being.
Balance in nature reveals nothing is equal.
Strength is gained by the learning of weaknesses.
As the old master in certainty teaches;
What is difficult can be easy, just as what’s easy can be made difficult.
To know this lights the path of effortlessness. The practice of observation and deed.
Life always ends in death. From death ALL life is nourished. This is the natural worldly order.
He who knows the Tree of Wyrd, knows the seed from which it spurned;
Knows the earth and the sky beyond; and the seasons in which it’s leaves will turn.
Know the truth of the self and be enlightened.
Know the truth of the world, and you have embraced wisdom.
Recognize where they cross each other and discover the insidious.”

-T.C. Downey – The Dark Concealment
With great respect to Anton Long, G.I. Gurdjieff, Magister Hagur and Lao Tzu

The journey of the Slyman is two-fold and interconnected. That is to say it develops at a simultaneous pace, despite the previously inherent inclination of homo-sapiens to one pathfinder type or the other. Psychonaut and Cosmonaut both are paths within ISW, both are striving for transmutation. Both paths lead us into the strange and unknown. With enough discipline and work, all mysteries can be unveiled and new knowledge can be applied. Strengthening Essence and emitting Influence is what each Slyman relentlessly labors toward. Through this process emerges the Druwydry, informing the Devil’s Own.

The Insidious Way is the study and practice of Devilry and Druwydry. Traditionally they both take form in secrecy, under the cloak of night. Undertaken by one born of or having cultivated a very specific character. An unknown trickster. The Wolf in sheep’s wool. A Devil among men.

An essence akin to the ace in the hole, the sucker punch, sleight of hand, the wild-card; A Slyman. Insidious and malignant to that which seeks to confine. A counter-weight set to balance the cosmic scales. Subversion, Conspiracy, Misdirection, and Calculation are utilized to seek an unsuspected advantage. To appear as one thing, but truly be another. An underestimated, seemingly harmless glacier, holding sudden treacherous peril and demise; just below the visible surface. Not simply of the devil, nor some philosophical lip service to its magian construct; but the vital potency of a living breathing devil.

Both paths have been sought out and sieged upon for millennia. The weak and terrified have pursued every conceivable strategy in an attempt to discredit, domesticate, and devolve. From the atrocities committed by men like St. Patrick, Christopher Columbus, and the countless other puritan-swine, to spineless pussies with easily offended sensibilities and assumed entitlements; there will be a reckoning. The Dark Gods have heard your pleas for relief from this world.

We take back the Devil and restore him, from the sensationalism and mocking caricaturization; back into the hellscape which Magister Hagur rightly called the underworld. Might we become possessed by his Dark Acausal Energies. Gifting us the Power to once again ascend to a new Apex.

We take back the empathic knowledge and worldly connection that was once held by Pagan Sages, like the Druids must have been. Not in the pretendu ‘Merry Meet’ fluffiness of fantasy sense, but in the original sense. Through commune, experience, sacrifice, and study. Teaching us the ways of the natural worldly order.

-Beast Xeno

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