All things have seasons, all seasons end. It is fitting this comes at the beginning of the Season Of Death (winter).

-Beast Xeno







The following and final MS from the Order of Nine Angles will be revealed in two parts. The first part is written by Tyrant Nirrta of the Black Order, and the final part is handled by a representative of the Kollective.


2023 e.v.

A.S. 1 (Age of Saerus: Year One)


~Dyssolve et Coagula~

“Never love anything so much you cannot see it die”
-Christos Beest

“That which is falling, should also be pushed”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

As with every form of expansion, an equal antithetical contraction is sure to follow in its wake; as such is the recurring cyclic nature of the procession of time according to the limited confines of our dualistic, material existential experience.

This cycle of existential expansion and contraction has been personified in the Vedas as the primordial serpent Sankarshana, with which each of his exhalations beget the innumerous multiverses that account for the endlessly dynamic variant “realities” of quantum space-time dimensions and their counter-axis.

In this example, the nature of casual creation and that of its inherent, imminent destruction is explained via the act of inhalation and exhalation.

“In order to create, you must first destroy”

It is not atop living organisms that we lay our foundations; for what structure may be fortified upon the decaying earth beneath it? It is only upon the skulls and bones of yesterday that we find solid ground, ripe with fertile potential to build upon, not for today or tomorrow but for all time.

When your house has become dilapidated and run-down, at what point do you set it on fire and burn it to the ground? Whence the new House has been built and fortified!

The Order of Nine Angles has seen a long and abundantly dark history since its early beginnings, and has proven through its own feats of conquest and evolutionary gnosis to be a pivotal constant and guiding influence along the timeline of the Sinister Tradition and the dark currents of the Global Satanic Underworld.

There has been a house in which we have all been living in for the past 50 years; that house has been to date, known as the Order of Nine Angles. That being said, as with any other living organism, the ONA is not without exception to the process of atrophy and putrefaction. Just as that old house which over time succumbs to dereliction and ultimately falls to smoldering rubble, so too must the ONA succumb to its own alchemical winter of dissolution.

With this in mind, the consequence of nature’s cyclic forge to finality, we find ourselves on this day standing before the derelict shell of this old house with torches in hand and gasoline at our side. The new House has been built.

With this announcement fulfilled, we pour our gasoline upon the walls, ceilings and floors and raise our torches in its honor to set the ONA aflame and let burn to the ground.

As of Dec. 21, 2023 e.v., we hereby declare from this day forward that the Order of Nine Angles is officially caput ad infinitum.

As decreed by our predecessors, progenitors and the Fates.

Tyrant Nirrta
Black Order


Fear not death, for it is but a natural changing of energies is the message of the hour.

The ONA has surpassed and enjoyed over fifty-years of transgressive existence despite being one of the most renowned exeatic satanic entities of the 20th and 21st centuries. This is a tremendous feat in and of itself, especially in a plutocratic civilisation so rife with slippery agents, such as joint intelligence communities, transatlantic task forces, social justice groups, overzealous politicians, and ravenous media institutions, all of whose raison d’être can be likened to that of a lady of the night and little else.

Each and every member of the ONA, that is to say those who have chosen the sinister path and organised their existence to meet the standards of our Way, is owed a standing ovation for helping the Order to not only survive for as long as it has, but also for contributing – through their real world deeds and works of macabre-resplendent art – a marvellous plethora of emanations and nexions to the central nexion that is the Sinister Tradition.

The Sinister Tradition, not in name but quintessence, precedes the ONA by virtue of the ‘concealed-until-whispered’ way of the Camlad Rouning, which has been practiced for hundreds of years here in the British Isles.

Ad lib: The same Way which features ever so often in popular books and manuscripts, yet is regarded – quite simply but nevertheless enigmatically – by those authors and [non-Rounwytha] local communities as “The Tradition of the Welsh Marches”. Sufficed to say, locals who practice those aurally transmitted druidic and/or witchcraft ways originating from and around the border between England and Wales are veritably practising aspects, semblances, of the Rounwytha Way, without having apprehended it as such.

It is because of this era-spanning tradition that physical nexions of the Sinister Tradition continue to emerge as if from nowhere. It is a direct and by-proxy creator in every sense of the word; a carrier that reaches as far back as the first woman to enter covenant with Satan or Hekatos and reaches further still; beyond opposites, prior to the separation-of-otherness, outside of lineal time, where it becomes – returns – to its quiddity; inexhaustible yet always half-full, no longer sinister in the manner we comprehend and beyond denotatum. Conversely, comparative to the nature of Ouroboros, the Tradition is capable of autophagia, although none have yet borne witness to the degree that is about to be explicated.

The ONA was intended to self-destruct in 2020 e.v. after the gradual and sensitive handing over of something of great importance – an enigma – that was to be conducted in England, with the utmost secrecy, was completed. Unfortunately, the global pandemic, as well as a few other complicated variables, set those plans back by approximately three years. However, the handover has since been completed; thus the red curtain must fall on the ONA.

As a final message to those intransigent and hubristic agents – homo hubris and the hubriati – who have dedicated most of their lives to exposing the ONA and its associates in the name of whatever -ist or -ism grants fleeting purpose to their existence: you’ve just ran out of time.

33 has been circumvented. 513 lives on; but where did the Friends of Hekate disappear to, and why can virescit vulnere virtus be seen in 3 and 19?

What crimes do we commit for love?


• The “Kollective” in question does not refer to the umbrella term for the ONA community, but a traditional sinister tribe – a koven – secretly formed in England in 1982 for the purpose of protecting and cultivating The Enigma. The Kollective was comprised of individuals from different academic fields and echelons of British society, as well as active members of an organized Family, and former/active members of occult entities, including the ONA, [REDACTED, REDACTED], and a long-standing [all female] coven rooted in the Welsh Marches. The koven known as the Kollective, which still remains firmly situated in the British Isles, has since been passed down to the next generation to continue the great work.

• The Kollective does not, has never had, and will never have, an internet presence, such as a website, blog or forum space. Therefore, any internet presence established or contact made using the name in its non-umbrella capacity (sans validation from the inner Black Order) is imposturous.

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