Nochtadh Cosmaí – Further into Cosmic Revelation

Recently a YouTuber asked me if I was a Satanist. It’s been a long time since I was asked that question. I answered in the affirmative, and elaborated in it by stating in the most proactive sense of the term. In retrospect, this answer doesn’t take it far enough. So I thought I might try to flush it out more here. So let’s go ahead and devil into this.

There are 3 things to know about my Satanism. First as I see it, there truly cannot be an -ism when it comes to what is Satanic. After all, how does one practice Satan? What kind of system is Satan? What is Satan’s philosophy exactly?

Satan means Adversary, Accuser, Enemy, and One who plots against. Why not just call it Adversarialism or even Enemyism? Perhaps that is because our mind associates more then Adversity or plotting to it.

There are aspects beyond those that come to mind. Think about this, what does the word Satan invoke? In a nutshell, the first thing you should know about my Satanism is that it is not Satanism. It is Diabolism.

Diabolism places us firmly in the second thing to know. What is Satanic, is the observable state of nature. That is to say, it is the natural worldly order. We as terrestrial beings are part of this order. The simplest thing I can point to that illustrates this is the food chain.

There are many other examples of what makes it the state of nature. To further investigate this, I will point you to two titles; the Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom and Postmodern Satanism by Jason King. Both in my opinion are essential reads.

It is undeniably obvious life is a competition for resources. There is not a species on this cosmic dirt ball, that doesn’t participate. The end game is simple, survive and thrive. What it means to thrive can sound atrocious to a naive mind. Yet it remains the natural worldly order.

In the natural worldly order, what can be reduced to simply thriving; will be labeled monstrous or heinous. As the saying goes, one man’s hell is another’s heaven. The devilish ranks of which swell with each passing day.

Since I was a boy, I have pondered the thin-lined divide of Devil/Satan/Lucifer. Are they separate entities? Is it the same being going by different aliases? I wonder is it something different entirely? Religions seem to reveal more of our nature, than answer any eternal questions. Leaving us with dissatisfaction and dogma. For this while the cat is away, the mice will play.

In keeping true to the natural worldly order; king of the hill is the favorite game to play. It is a no-holds-barred free-for-all with only one rule. The rule is “There can only be one”.

As one ascends to his metaphorical throne, he then basks in his Luciferian glory and grandeur. The next comes along and casts him down to take the throne. Each one proclaiming not to be unlike the most high.

Thus the Morning Star is born to RISE. It can only be fitting that in the same way, all things must strive. One above and one below, a balance is stuck. The enemy can now be perceived.

This brings me about to face the third understanding. Those who take the mantle of Diablo, pledge to be the counter-weight. Tasked by the natural worldly order to perpetuate it’s delicate balance. Lest we stagnant and erode into extinction.

Sorry for the brevity. Just some things on my mind.


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