All things have seasons, all seasons end. It is fitting this comes at the beginning of the Season Of Death (winter).

    -Beast Xeno







    The following and final MS from the Order of Nine Angles will be revealed in two parts. The first part is written by Tyrant Nirrta of the Black Order, and the final part is handled by a representative of the Kollective.


    2023 e.v.

    A.S. 1 (Age of Saerus: Year One)


    ~Dyssolve et Coagula~

    “Never love anything so much you cannot see it die”
    -Christos Beest

    “That which is falling, should also be pushed”
    -Friedrich Nietzsche

    As with every form of expansion, an equal antithetical contraction is sure to follow in its wake; as such is the recurring cyclic nature of the procession of time according to the limited confines of our dualistic, material existential experience.

    This cycle of existential expansion and contraction has been personified in the Vedas as the primordial serpent Sankarshana, with which each of his exhalations beget the innumerous multiverses that account for the endlessly dynamic variant “realities” of quantum space-time dimensions and their counter-axis.

    In this example, the nature of casual creation and that of its inherent, imminent destruction is explained via the act of inhalation and exhalation.

    “In order to create, you must first destroy”

    It is not atop living organisms that we lay our foundations; for what structure may be fortified upon the decaying earth beneath it? It is only upon the skulls and bones of yesterday that we find solid ground, ripe with fertile potential to build upon, not for today or tomorrow but for all time.

    When your house has become dilapidated and run-down, at what point do you set it on fire and burn it to the ground? Whence the new House has been built and fortified!

    The Order of Nine Angles has seen a long and abundantly dark history since its early beginnings, and has proven through its own feats of conquest and evolutionary gnosis to be a pivotal constant and guiding influence along the timeline of the Sinister Tradition and the dark currents of the Global Satanic Underworld.

    There has been a house in which we have all been living in for the past 50 years; that house has been to date, known as the Order of Nine Angles. That being said, as with any other living organism, the ONA is not without exception to the process of atrophy and putrefaction. Just as that old house which over time succumbs to dereliction and ultimately falls to smoldering rubble, so too must the ONA succumb to its own alchemical winter of dissolution.

    With this in mind, the consequence of nature’s cyclic forge to finality, we find ourselves on this day standing before the derelict shell of this old house with torches in hand and gasoline at our side. The new House has been built.

    With this announcement fulfilled, we pour our gasoline upon the walls, ceilings and floors and raise our torches in its honor to set the ONA aflame and let burn to the ground.

    As of Dec. 21, 2023 e.v., we hereby declare from this day forward that the Order of Nine Angles is officially caput ad infinitum.

    As decreed by our predecessors, progenitors and the Fates.

    Tyrant Nirrta
    Black Order


    Fear not death, for it is but a natural changing of energies is the message of the hour.

    The ONA has surpassed and enjoyed over fifty-years of transgressive existence despite being one of the most renowned exeatic satanic entities of the 20th and 21st centuries. This is a tremendous feat in and of itself, especially in a plutocratic civilisation so rife with slippery agents, such as joint intelligence communities, transatlantic task forces, social justice groups, overzealous politicians, and ravenous media institutions, all of whose raison d’être can be likened to that of a lady of the night and little else.

    Each and every member of the ONA, that is to say those who have chosen the sinister path and organised their existence to meet the standards of our Way, is owed a standing ovation for helping the Order to not only survive for as long as it has, but also for contributing – through their real world deeds and works of macabre-resplendent art – a marvellous plethora of emanations and nexions to the central nexion that is the Sinister Tradition.

    The Sinister Tradition, not in name but quintessence, precedes the ONA by virtue of the ‘concealed-until-whispered’ way of the Camlad Rouning, which has been practiced for hundreds of years here in the British Isles.

    Ad lib: The same Way which features ever so often in popular books and manuscripts, yet is regarded – quite simply but nevertheless enigmatically – by those authors and [non-Rounwytha] local communities as “The Tradition of the Welsh Marches”. Sufficed to say, locals who practice those aurally transmitted druidic and/or witchcraft ways originating from and around the border between England and Wales are veritably practising aspects, semblances, of the Rounwytha Way, without having apprehended it as such.

    It is because of this era-spanning tradition that physical nexions of the Sinister Tradition continue to emerge as if from nowhere. It is a direct and by-proxy creator in every sense of the word; a carrier that reaches as far back as the first woman to enter covenant with Satan or Hekatos and reaches further still; beyond opposites, prior to the separation-of-otherness, outside of lineal time, where it becomes – returns – to its quiddity; inexhaustible yet always half-full, no longer sinister in the manner we comprehend and beyond denotatum. Conversely, comparative to the nature of Ouroboros, the Tradition is capable of autophagia, although none have yet borne witness to the degree that is about to be explicated.

    The ONA was intended to self-destruct in 2020 e.v. after the gradual and sensitive handing over of something of great importance – an enigma – that was to be conducted in England, with the utmost secrecy, was completed. Unfortunately, the global pandemic, as well as a few other complicated variables, set those plans back by approximately three years. However, the handover has since been completed; thus the red curtain must fall on the ONA.

    As a final message to those intransigent and hubristic agents – homo hubris and the hubriati – who have dedicated most of their lives to exposing the ONA and its associates in the name of whatever -ist or -ism grants fleeting purpose to their existence: you’ve just ran out of time.

    33 has been circumvented. 513 lives on; but where did the Friends of Hekate disappear to, and why can virescit vulnere virtus be seen in 3 and 19?

    What crimes do we commit for love?


    • The “Kollective” in question does not refer to the umbrella term for the ONA community, but a traditional sinister tribe – a koven – secretly formed in England in 1982 for the purpose of protecting and cultivating The Enigma. The Kollective was comprised of individuals from different academic fields and echelons of British society, as well as active members of an organized Family, and former/active members of occult entities, including the ONA, [REDACTED, REDACTED], and a long-standing [all female] coven rooted in the Welsh Marches. The koven known as the Kollective, which still remains firmly situated in the British Isles, has since been passed down to the next generation to continue the great work.

    • The Kollective does not, has never had, and will never have, an internet presence, such as a website, blog or forum space. Therefore, any internet presence established or contact made using the name in its non-umbrella capacity (sans validation from the inner Black Order) is imposturous.

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  • Book Announcement: TBO via Nonagonal Press

    Book Announcement: TBO via Nonagonal Press

    The Esoteric Manuscripts of Anton Long – VOL.1.


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  • Warlocks


    “Walk freely among them. There are none to fear. A Devil veiled in the mist. The Apex.”

    No Surrender

    Non Servium, I will not serve. No one should ever be forced to take a knee. Not to a man. Not to an army. Not to a state. Not to an ideology. Not to fear.

    There are so few that live a worthy life. So there are MANY that are not worthy of living. Bending at the knee for so much. Lacking the backbone and conviction in having consistency of character. Masquerading as free, yet are anything but free.

    Slaves to many masters. Bound in so many ways. Slowly ripping apart, being pulled in so many directions. The collective suffering is unfathomably immense. Self-deceit seems like a reasonable coping mechanism, when faced with the overwhelming darkness of what might lurk beyond our control.

    We have such a finite sphere of influence. Try to pull the heavens to the earth and be crushed under the weight. Try to raise hell and be scorched by the reckoning of ultimate consumption. It makes sense that we play all these games of distraction, the sheer vastness of possibilities seems overwhelming.

    Yet we are alive. Most will continue to be alive. Live deliberately. Be decisive and bold. If you must wear a mask in life, let it be one of your own designs. At all costs, do not surrender this life to mundane pursuits.

    The Law of the Jungle

    “To reap what is sown, imbues the sovereignty of the law. Do what thou will; this is the whole of the law.”

    You have but one true judge and though there are many courts of opinion; it is your conscience that truly holds the gavel. Can you live with it? Will you always be able to do so?

    In the Sinister traditions, many look up to David Myatt. Yet few seem to recognize the immense regrets expressed by the man. His rejection of extremism, by itself; stands alone with saturation in personal shame. For those that make the assertion that he wrote under the pseudonym of Anton Long there’s an even more profound insight gleamed.

    If you take this as a given. If you dare to make the claim, that Myatt equals Long, then you will be met with a backlash of ludicrous gaslighting guised as calls of “logical fallacy” in a circular argument that cannot be overcome. This is because the argument asks for “primary sources” that were written by an anonymous person. So the goal post is just continuously moved just out of reach.

    Think about this for a second though. Why is it so important to keep the charade going? Why is the mysteriousness and anonymity of identity so sacred? To me, it makes sense. Hear me out here. If Myatt has written a heartfelt rejection of extremism and is sincere, then why not make it a full confession and clear the mind?

    I can reach only two conclusions; first is the possibility that it really isn’t Myatt at all. Alternatively, this is a tormented man. A man unwilling to let go of perceived infamy and an insincerity to self and others. It suits me better to assume the prior statement, because the latter brings forth a deep empathy and sadness. Imagine that internal war as it’s waging on. Conflicted to see what’s come from the espoused ideology; the battle between ego and conscience eternally wrestling.

    So I plea to you, my reader. In a world where all is truly permitted (obviously despite any moral or authoritarian law) be mindful of what you can carry with you. Every action has a reaction and there are worse things than death to consider.

    I Die Unvanquished

    “There are many forms of death, the easiest is a physical one.”

    I despise cowards. In the deepest darkest pit of my gut, they sicken me. They are all cut from the same cloth of contempt. Weak and desperate is their chief features. Let us not conflate cowardliness with fear itself. Fear though mostly diminutive in its positive aspects, at least has the power to be motivating. That is when placed in the context of self-preservation. You can overcome fears, it just takes the right understanding and empowerment to do so.

    Cowardliness on the other hand, shows an utterly pathetic and often infectious lack of character. It is often said that, if you don’t stand for something; then you will fall to anything. If you can muster anything resembling dignity; then at least learn to stand for yourself.

    The following are two statements, when contrasted a certain quality of character is embued within each of them guess which is which and the notions each embraces:

    (a) Rather than surrender to
    them; die (if necessary by your own hand) than allow yourself to be dishonourably humiliated by them.

    (b) Better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.

    Both sound noble and frankly badass, but are they? Statement (b) almost sounds exactly like statement (a)… they are not. The first suggestion implicates a character of weakness that lacks the spirit to overcome and avenge yourself. If the goal is not to be dishonored and humiliated, then why not force them to kill you.

    If you must suffer then let your suffering be awe inspiring. Let it be of epic proportioning, that none might say your stature was frail. Dig in so deep and push back without such ferocity that nothing remains.

    Should you fall, stand up again. Should you lose, then learn from it. Lose again and again, until you learn how to win. Death is only a defeat, if you succumb willingly to the defeat. Such is the mindset of the bold.

    Evil Eye For An Eye

    “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

    You’ve heard it said that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; leaves everyone blind and toothless. This type of platitude leaves a bitter taste, when spoken. It misses the subtle defiance and stark challenge issued to dare it again. It harkens back to a misinterpretation of the words of Jesus.

    When I think about this, my mind always plays out a generic trope often used in movies. Where the character is struck and instead of taking the damage dramatically, turns back with a defiance rooted in hatred in their eyes. Dispensing a look that screams out, should you continue to fuck around; you will find out.

    One should be deadly and dangerous in character, yet have the strength of mind to discern the appropriate circumstances in which to unleash your fury. Indicating that you’ve measured and standardized where you lay the lines in the sand. Then having signaled that when your barrier is breached; the severity of response will measure tenfold the transgression committed.

    In these “modern times” there is a great deal of moralizing, particularly in this respect. We are taught that we should be willingly victimized and then allow the authorities to handle the matter. This never plays out with the necessary consistency warranted.

    Too often someone is left with the feeling of injustice. The sort of justice currently administered is artificial and lacking. It ignores the natural worldly order. It makes claims of “blindness” but seldomly offers any semblance of balance.

    Which brings me to this final thought here. These institutions that we hold up so high. They are erroneously corrupt and unnatural. Carrying us so far from the world in which we inhabit. We owe nothing to them.

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  • Announcement: Nonagonal Press Opens

    Announcement: Nonagonal Press Opens

    Nonagonal Press

    The Black Order has just announced its official Press to be the Nonagonal Press. Though this is just the ground floor for it, there is a growing list of up and coming publications. Well worth watching it develop. Please bookmark this site and visit back frequently.

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  • Initiative 616

    Initiative 616

    The Infernal Wisdom 

    One of the benefits of age is the gaining of perspective. Perspective can often reveal the true terror of a situation. When we are too close to something, it’s easy to laser focus on what we like or enjoy about the thing. Gradually as our sights are zooming in, there’s an almost blackness blanketing what is beyond that thing. We’ll lie to ourselves, saying that “nothing is perfect”, and sacrificing this small part is acceptable in trade for this thing. Compromise after compromise is made and still we cling to this thing. Unfortunately, with me, Satanism has been this thing.

    Somewhere along the line, Satanism has become a haven for the weak and degenerative. Fostering a culture of “acceptance and tolerance”. A niche clique of cowardly scavengers claiming to champion the predatory. Yes, I am specifically discussing pedophiles and rapists. Sleezy filth not worth the space they take up, let alone the air they breathe. Blatantly ignorant of the most obvious features of the satanic mythology.

    Satan chose to make a stand against YHWH after being given a command that he just couldn’t in good conscience follow. He was commanded to love and kneel before mankind. Satan being a entity of pure spirit, saw creatures of flesh as mere animals. They were filthy, fragile, and stupid. At first he simply protested. Stating that he could prove to YHWH that they were unworthy and so YHWH agreed and appointed him to the task. 

    Time after time, instance after instance; He pointed out the shortcomings of mankind. Yet nothing persuaded YHWH. Not the whorish seduction and sedition of Eve in the Garden. Nor the continuous desertion of the faithful with every new idol YHWH’s chosen came into contact with. Whole cities would have to be rendered into piles of salt, because man was unable to escape his perversity. Still YHWH held them up and glorified them. 

    Satan was clearly bewildered by this. Why then were these talking monkeys placed above his kind? YHWH eventually answered this question by explaining that mankind was made in his likeness. It was at this point, in his infernal wisdom that something clicked. Satan and the host of angels were beings of pure spirit and not of flesh and bone. Not weighed down by the temptations and baser urges of their animal instincts. 

    To the body of Angels, they had been made in perfection. Cosmic warriors dedicated to their design and purpose. Mankind was clearly inferior. Yet YHWH has said that they were made in his image. This could only lead to one conclusion, He was also inferior. Thus the rebellion became underway. 

    This is a summation of every version of the story that I have ever heard. With it comes a couple of lessons that cannot be ignored. Firstly Satan despises mankind. Viewing us as weak and degenerative. We cling to this perversion of flesh and often further twist it to suit our own ends. Secondly, we will worship and grovel to anything we perceive as “higher” than us. Making gods of even pointless symbolic paper and serving out our lives as slaves to it. Hypocrisy, Cowardliness, Stupidity, and Contemptuousness are rampant like fleas in a neglected kennel. 

    LaVey pointed all of this out. Aquino pointed it out also. Anton Long not only pointed to it, but also decided to prey upon it. Honestly, who can blame the man? An easy mark can be the source of laughter for an untold amount of time. 

    Now here we stand, LaVey said that Satan demanded study in lieu of worship; yet we see them worship him. Anton Long said to learn to raise yourself above yourself so you can triumph over all, yet we cling to our basic animal instincts. Aquino put forth the notion of “becoming” as Xeper, yet where are all the gods? 

    Instead, we find these once promising institutions are littered with degenerates, grifters, and sycophants. These are the ubermensch of Satanic thought? Rubbish… Pure rot. Preying on children, turning on your “kin”, reveling in your filth and surrendering to addiction; these are not signs of strength or enlightenment. They are the hallmarks of the mundane and deplorable. 

    There is a point, when a cloth becomes so saturated… It becomes so torn and tattered. So stained, that it cannot be washed a new. This is when you can look and it be so in your face. So blatant and obvious to you, that it can never be as it was. That’s when it’s time to step across the threshold into the new. 

    For me, I cannot continue to be held down by what calls itself Satanism today. You can have it. I won’t ask for it back. Watch me though and witness me. You will find that my words and my deeds are  synchronic. I am choosing to step into the infernal wisdom of the New Aeon.

    The Terror Beyond

    As I cross the barrier; I choose to leave the dead weight of it all behind me. Look abroad and recognize the flies in the fermenting honey. Struggling to free themselves. Trapped because they were drawn to the sweetness of the aroma. Greedy little myopically minded pestilence. 

    How then can I transcend? If my Will is to truly evolve and reach towards the pinnacle of my potentials, then what process do I undergo? Since I can reasonably assess that what I am talking about is creation. I will use art as an analogous process for consideration. Since I have experience in the Art of Tattoos that will be my method of discussion. 

    When I worked in the industry, each tattoo was to me deeply personal. They are personal for the person choosing to get it and personal to me as a creator. In my mind, the process begins before the customer walks through the door. They have spent hours and hours looking through a sea of images posted online. They maybe have just an idea of what they want. Maybe they are dead set on what they want and where. 

    The moment they open the door to the shop the magic begins. In a perfect world, the artist that comes out is in perfect alignment with the customers vision. Most of the time though, a rapport has to be built between the artist and the customer. As they talk about the idea, they begin to build a harmonic resonance. Eventually, they should reach a point of melody between the two. There are times when the two just can’t come together. When that happens, it’s best to call it and both go on to find that resonance elsewhere. 

    What does it look like when they are able to build that harmony? The artist and the recipient come to a distinctly clear envisioning of it. They agree on the content and style. Both in unison of the placement and size. The creator has taken care to explain the process and given instructions on preparation. A commitment is made to the time of commencement. The recipient prepares with obedience and carefully carries out the preparations. Ensuring the proper compensation is in order. 

    As the time of the procedure begins, the artist sees to the final arrangements. It should be universally understood that this is different from other forms of art. This is also why, I have chosen this analogy. This process is uncomfortable and possibly even painful for the creator and of course for the recipient. When it’s done both will bear the fruits of it permanently. Both will be transformed through this. 

    The working surfaces are cleansed and protected. The station is assembled and skin is freshly shaved. The stencil is put down. Then there is a moment. As the client makes absolutely certain through the now easier visualization that they are ready to commit. At the same moment, the artist is going through the final checklist in their head. Simultaneously also envisioning through the visualization; they to are ready to commit. Now the work is about to be underway. 

    This is a terrifying moment for the aware. The artist knows to anticipate complications. The question is are there any they might not be able to overcome. They’ve trained hard for this. Still only fools believe that there are no limits. Equipment failure, adverse reactions, and unforeseeables are an every event possibility. All seems firmly under your control. Those first few fractions of a sec are sort of a leap of faith and as they pass confidence quickly builds. 

    It is here, mired in pigments and plasma. Here, in adrenaline and uncomfortable pain. It is here that creations are born. This is where it is ALL ALIVE. Complete with the perfumes of green soap and ointment. There is nothing to do but find the harmony that brings all of this to the beyond. 

    The Harmony of the House

    Religion used to be the lynchpin of any given community. The shared common beliefs and values provided a guideline of taboos which offered governance without having to enact hard draconian laws. After all, mistakes happen and over time what is acceptable morphs into new taboos. This is useful to any closely knit community. 

    In medieval times, the governance of a community was left in the capable hands of noblemen to protect and in exchange oversee. This often led to hardship and oppression for the people of that land. This was often the result of greed and hypocrisy with a heavy emphasis on a perceived, but unearned, superiority of the patriarch.  Occasionally though, a great House would arise.

     The metaphorical “captain at the helm” understood  that there had to be a uniformity of code, ethics, honor, and virtue between the House and it’s lands. That men, no matter their status, needed purpose and prosperity within and throughout the land. These Houses culminated into things of legend. Particularly if they rose up in military prowess. 

    We see something of a similar effect play out in every version of a feudal system. We see that when the Head of the House is principled and truly responsible for his charge; he can govern with generosity and severity. Understanding the nuances and power of taboos and kinship often using them as precision tools. Rather than relying on brute force alone. This demonstrates the strength and embrace of belonging. 

    Creating a feeling of extended family and providing a worthy basis of purpose in union. The Noble Lord was seen as a father figure or an elder brother to all. Those employed beneath him operated in harmony and reflection of his desire to protect and aggrandize his House, Lands, and Kinfolk. Thus legends like “Camelot” were born and then romanticized in tale. 

    The House of Iconoclasts

    It was sometime in the year 2003 that I first began to consider creating a Noble House like that which I just described. I had begun to notice a vacuum forming in communal experiences. It was an obvious disconnection of people. A number of people being absent the sense of belonging and purpose. Having nothing to build a sense of pride in. 

    Regardless of the “official narrative” which propagates the lie that tribalism is somehow detrimental and rooted in hateful ignorance. I began to recognize that in truth it was rooted in heritage and patriotism. It became apparent that these “acts of violence” were mostly misguided attempts to defend what the actors felt was worth protecting. Their cultures and customs. That impulse was accelerated by a disproportionate hypocrisy of sanctioning of one kind of cultural pride while simultaneously demonizing another. 

    All forms of cultural pride have an equal right to exist. But all cultures are not capable of existing in close proximity to one another. Thus in a very human way, there are feudal conflicts. By in large, we as a species (particularly here in the West) are in denial of our nature as animals. We believe because we have complex systems of communication and living that we are somehow no longer simply an animal. 

    We hold up this image of self as a higher lifeform. Though we may recognize that we have a capacity for both compassion and violence, our collective solution has been the reprehension of anything that could lead to violence. This is inspite of the celebrated works of Carl Jung and specifically his call for the recognition and integration of the “shadow self”. This is also in the face of growing supporting evidence that unmitigated repression of the impulse only results in an “acting out” and often violently. 

    It became so apparent to me that this “system” or institution, in which, we are expected to live by and exalt is a sham. It’s a fallacious and corrosive one at that. Tribalism and War are deeply ingrained facets of what’s been deemed the human condition. Attempts to deny them or to simply supress them cannot make the situation better. Only worsen the qualitative experiences in life.

    To make matters more concerning, not only is the traditional small community (read that as clan/tribe/extended family) eroded, but nowadays the core family is all but gone. Leaving sons and daughters without fathers and sometimes without mothers. Thus the entire breakdown of what has been deemed traditional is well underway.

    My good friend has a saying that he repeats pretty regularly and because it is true, it’s warranted. He says “You can’t unscramble eggs”. You simply cannot repair the utterly broken. This is true of the “system” and this is true of the traditional family in my opinion.

    There comes a time when the sacred cow is so old and feeble that it no longer produces milk or offspring. It can barely wander the fields and graze. The ranch hands must give more attention and resources to it. The veterinarians cannot mend it any further. Clearly, the merciful thing is to slaughter the sacred cow. 

    The Sacrifice of Sacred Cows

    It is here, at the Altar of Mars, that the Warlock is born. Before him was a shattered husk that called himself “man”. Through his breaking of oaths and tearing down of cherished institutions; he is renewed. An empty cup waiting to be filled. This time with an intentionally chosen elixir, the blood of his offerings. 

    Where before his caste was decided for him. Before his occupation was chosen by what was available to him. Before he had only the family he came into and descended from him. His faith and beliefs were selected for or more likely indoctrinated in him. His limits seemed set in stone.

    He, Son of Mars, now a powerful Warlock raises his blade to the stars. He will feel the warmth of the sacrifical blood running down his arm and know the freedom that he seized. He, Son of The Dread Mother, now reborn into this world takes the unspoken oath. Finds himself with a worthy heritage and new bloodline. 

    Kinsmen, once again will mean something. Honour and Strength amongst it’s charter. Character and Purpose, tested and revealed. The soil beneath his feet and landscape are unveiled to be his true home. Erected upon it or most likely grown from it; The House of Iconoclasts. It’s embrace is reserved for these children of Mars.

    With all of this said, I break my final oath and reject my final institution. Those who are willing to stand beside me and look to me for what it means to be a Warlock and an Iconoclast, let me point to you the way. Should you embrace me, then I will embrace you. Welcoming you into the Great House.

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  • Participant or Spectator

    Participant or Spectator

    Participate (pär-tĭs′ə-pāt) ~ To be active or involved in something; take part.

    Spectator (spĕk′tā″tər) ~ One who looks on; an onlooker or eyewitness; a beholder; especially, one of a company present at a spectacle of any kind.

    Fanatic (fə-năt′ĭk) ~ A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.

    Worship (wûr′shĭp) ~ The reverent love and devotion accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object.
    The ceremonies, prayers, or other religious forms by which this love is expressed.
    Ardent admiration or love; adoration.

    Think of these above definitions as a legend for what is written below. I have always loathed those who participate in and spectate team sports. I never understood why, so I decided to take a closer look.

    American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, Concerts and NASCAR. NASCAR has a special place in my heart, though mostly a solo endeavor, the act of repeatedly going in a circle hundreds of times until the first idiot at the end of the final lap wins. It reminds me of lemmings running off of a cliff. Oh if NASCAR had a similar ending, I may become a Fanatic/Fan.

    This is a short list of Team Sports (save two) that hundreds of millions of people spectate around the World. In Homes, Bars and Restaurants. I have seen people fixated with total devotion and complete focus upon a screen broadcasting images of people they will most likely never meet. I’ve seen these Spectators scream and jump and embrace one another in orgasmic glee when they witness strangers achieve synthetic glory. Yet, for the Spectator, they do not reflect the idols they Worship. The Spectator, often completely opposite in Appearance, Ability, Word and Deed. The Spectator’s Glory is to consume scraps of the Participant’s Glory Into every orifice and organ and proudly demonstrate their tribal cuckoldry via gross materialism.

    The word Fan in this context comes from the word Fanatic. The word Fanatic has been used in the past to describe those who are Active Participants. But today the word Fan is used to describe an infatuated Spectator. To quote Ted Kaczynski in his book Anti-Tech Revolution,

    “First, there are those who are appalled at what technology is doing to our society and our planet, but are not motivated to take any action against the technological system because they feel helpless to accomplish anything in that direction. They read an anti-tech book-say, for example,

    Jacques Ellul’s Technological Society-and it makes them feel better because they’ve found someone who has eloquently articulated their own anxieties about technology. But the effect soon wears off and their discomfort with the technological world begins to nag them again, so they turn for relief to another anti-tech book-Ivan Illich, Kirkpatrick Sale, Daniel Qyinn, my own Industrial Society and it’s Future, or something else-and the cycle repeats itself In other words, for these people anti-tech literature is merely a kind of therapy: It alleviates their discomfort with technology, but it does not serve them as a call to action.” (Preface pg. 1)

    In this example, Mr. Kaczynski demonstrates the disease of the Infatuated Spectator. You can see from this excerpt the first part is a feeling of Helplessness and the seeking of Relief via products, movements, groups, games, religions, systems and ideologies and just about any other form of Escapism can be applied. Which becomes therapeutic to the Helpless Spectator. And make no mistake, Helplessness can and is often learned.

    Can Technomancy be Satanic? And can a Technomancer be Satanist? If you look at the 7FW it is not a system for the Spectator. The 7FW is a system that requires Physical Participation. No internet, cables, wires or electricity required. Not only is it not required but it is flat out rejected in order to pass certain Grades.

    With the advent of Virtual Worlds and MMORPG, a person could technically create an Avatar and go all the way from Neophyte to Master/Mistress. Staring at a screen, never leaving the comfort of their home, building and creating a false reality. We have already seen this with the creation of Internet Nexions. A conglomeration of people who have and will never meet, taking photographs of themselves next to their altars, Balobians recording Esoteric Chants alone in their bedroom and creating entire bands laying down tracks and sending it to the next musician to add or subtract and send it to the next till the finished product. The question remains, is the former a Spectator or a Participant?

    In this writer’s opinion, the word Tradition in Traditional Satanism is paramount. We have to ask ourselves, are we Participants in the Tradition or Spectators of times past? Worshiping names instead of Honoring Deeds? Are we Fans or Fanatics? Is what we are doing a form of therapy or entertainment for an inadequate life? The Answer isn’t on a screen. If you want to take an Island, Burn the Boats. And that takes a Participant not a Spectator.

    ~Dread Zod

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  • Divestment


    When I was involved in various organizations, one of my many responsibilities was being tasked at overseeing recruitment. However, when starting an organization from scratch, the methods of recruitment and retaining prospective members are entirely different from one with a deep history and roots.

    An organization with a long history is appealing to prospective members mainly by status and aesthetic alone. An organization without such status and history has to cultivate it from nothing. Since I’ve always been in male membership only organizations, one such influence on recruitment was the potential access to Women. Women are a powerful asset for any organization. While at the same time being it’s greatest liability. Like a fire, it can keep you warm or engulf everything you love and build in flames.

    Another attraction point is aesthetic. How you look is just as important as how strong you are. Incongruence conveys falsehood. If you want to convey strength yet you are weak, frail or obese, an overwhelming feeling of hypocrisy followed by ridicule will surely follow. Uniformity breeds Militancy. Having a standard of uniform weakness will attract the like.

    Investment. Even the smallest investment in something creates attachment. The most valuable investment is Time. The greater the investment, the higher the retention. When someone is invested in something they will protect it. Sacrifice is synonymous with Investment.

    The purpose of aesthetic, investment and retention is circular. But what drives this circular movement is a conversion experience. I’ve found the best conversion experience is built on pressure testing. An example. A uniform aesthetic of membership creates an us and them culture. A prospective member wants to bridge the gap from being one of them to being one of you. This can be expressed through clothing and language. Clothing that the in crowd can wear but the outsider cannot. Language that the in crowd can use but the outsider cannot. Information and relationships that the insider can have access to but the outsider cannot. People like people who are like them. And people tend to not like people who are not like them.

    Pressure testing can take the form of a difficult task. A task that will test the character of a person. A task that if accomplished will reflect the traits of a member of the organization. This task can be modified and suited to a particular individual. For instance if someone struggles with confrontation, then you will place them in direct confrontation for the betterment of the organization. If someone struggles with patience, task them with something that will test their patience to the extreme. If the task is completed, an overcoming is accomplished. And the result?

    The result is bringing them inside the organization, giving them access. And if this process is long enough, tribulated enough, guided and punished for their failures and praised for their successes, they will be made in your organization’s image. They will look like you, think like you, and respond just like you. They will fight to defend you. They will invest in you. And above all they will sacrifice for all of you.

    However, Divestment is the reverse cycle, a cycle of destruction when applied to the former. To be incongruent, to highlight the contradictions, to “do as I say and not as I do” is a sure fire way to destroy any organization. Divestment is for the outsiders, the alien world. I have seen organizations, religions, cults and clubs rise and fall over the past decades. One thing remains true, people need someone to look up to. Someone that embodies that esprit de corps. That person cannot be declared or appointed, they have to be chosen.

    ~Dread Zod

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  • The Forge of Doubt

    The Forge of Doubt

    The current trend in Western culture is one that raises up individuality and uniqueness. It seems like everyone is chasing attractiveness and status. There are millions and millions of would-be social influencers. As stand alone statements or even when considering them together as a whole concept, these are things that should be applauded and encouraged. Yet, I can’t help but make note of the lack of consistency and the obvious facades.

    A close friend of mine, regularly points to this phenomenon and scowls at it. He’s right to do so. The only flaw that I can find in his analysis, isn’t really an argument against his disgust. You see, I agree with him that the internet is where people go to pretend to be anyone they want. The flaw is that he has limited the scope of his judgement too narrowly. Turns out people are fraudulent by-in-large.

    This is not to say, that there aren’t genuine people. I think some genuine people can at times, find themselves being disingenuous. This isn’t really any shocking new observation. However, this is a form of corruption. A corruption that seems to seep deeper and deeper into the collective consciousness. It is not anything new or novel that this “fakeness” is prevalent in the masses. We’ve simply added a few new layers on top of it.

    When I consider this in contrast, I’m not surprised to find this rampantly existing, even in self-professed satanists. The internet removes a layer of accountability. Accountability is an idea that has long been eroding and rotting. Anton LaVey was writing about it in the 60’s. Accountability is often framed to be “an owning of your wrong doing”, but that doesn’t really seem to encompass its proper apprehension. What is really being put forth is, an honesty to self. A personal sincerity, void of delusions without intention.

    When I was young, I often pondered the stark consistency of LaVey’s philosophy and his character. Old Howie’s detractors often point to all of LaVey’s lavish deceptions. From plagiarism to the embellished and sometimes completely fictitious stories of his past. Certainly there’s no accountability, right? I have to disagree. I find it completely consistent.

    A man with a fake name. Telling embellished or possibly false stories. Pushing a meant-to-be sensational “religion” of the secular and rebellious. Charging a membership fee for a “church” against all churches. All while grifting the grifters. Watching those old videos of ritual and ceremony and even the many television interviews, there can be seen a twinkle in the corner of his eye. After all, the devil is a gentlemen, in the words of Shakespeare.

    You can see it, simply by observing. There’s a consistency in him. A playful deviance, if you will. A harmony between word and deed. Should he be a liar, then let his lies be bold and outlandish. We then find an inner-resonance of self honesty to balance against it. With the mind of Lucifer, a carefully crafted deception was made to inspire doubt.

    LaVey was a proponent of doubt as being paramount to truth. Doubt, the emancipator of minds, bearing the sword of unbridled wisdom. If this is a war for the eternal souls of men, then doubt is the great equalizer. A great many will ask themselves, “Is this a hill worth dying on”.

    We are left in contemplation. Are we pretending or is this truly who we are. Is there a consistency between our words and deeds? We realize that, no matter how fortified the castle is; if it’s built on a mountain of sand, it takes but a wave to wash it from the shore.

    Live Deliberately!

    -Dread Beast Xeno

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  • The Chymical Wedding of David Myatt

    The Chymical Wedding of David Myatt

    The Inner ONA basically consists of individuals, known to each other personally, and from traditional nexions, of the Grade of Internal Adept and above, who possess the faculty of dark-empathy (aka esoteric empathy aka sinister empathy) and who possess certain other personal qualities. These individuals have therefore all had some personal guidance, over a period of many years, from one of our kind familiar with the Rounwytha tradition, and thus the inner ONA is akin to an extended family who maintain and who continue, on a personal basis, the esoteric Rounwytha (Camlad) tradition. This tradition was, according to aural accounts, that of the primal (but not necessarily then always dark) tradition maintained by rural sorceresses who lived in a certain area of England: that is, Shropshire and the Welsh Marches.

    “Inner ONA,” Marcheyre Rhinings

    For more information about the Inner-ONA, aka AoB, or, Assassins of Baphomet:

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  • Turnskin by Ariadne and Kristos 513

    Turnskin by Ariadne and Kristos 513

    ‘Pharaoh is the Bull of the Sky,
    who shatters at will,
    who lives on the being of every god,
    who eats their entrails,
    even of those who come with their bodies
    full of magic from the Island of Flame’

    The Cannibal Hymns of Unas, Utterance 273

    Predation upon other organisms for sustenance is not at all uncommon, a harmonious act of violence which facilitates evolution by weeding out those who are unfit to survive, while also ensuring the continued existence and reproduction of those specimens who, by practical demonstration of their ability, have earned the right to survive. The prey organism is typically of a different species, however, this is not always the case, and there are many naturally-occurring instances of cannibalism, such as with the genus of jumping spider known as Portia, which preys on both web-building spiders and its own males after copulation. Portia, despite its diminutive size, shows complex social behaviours and a sort of intelligence one might expect of much larger predators, using particularly devious tactics to lure its prey – other spiders typically several times its own size – into vulnerable positions. Preying on one’s own kind is far from exclusive to the delightfully sinister Portia, and the apes which we share common ancestry with have been observed to carry out very similar acts, albeit in very dissimilar contexts, such as the consumption of infants or, particularly in the case of chimpanzees, the eating of young snatched from other families in very deliberate acts of primal warfare – a precursor to the tribalism they will no doubt later develop.

    Humans, for all their moral posturing and delusions of separation from the horrors of the natural world, are not exempt from the above, as both history and its psychic shadow of mythology are rife with instances of cannibalism – the subconscious traces of a ghoulish racial memory, one which is alive and well in the dark corners of the earth, and even within the boundaries of ‘civilised’ society, the forbidden act of consuming human flesh is not unheard of.

    Early humans displayed cannibalistic tendencies for largely the same reasons as their ape cousins did – sheer practical need. A body no doubt lure predators to the rest of the tribe, and so it stands to reason that the best and most efficient way to dispose of the material was to eat it, which just so happened to address matters of nutrition as well. While a human body might not be the most ideal source of nutrition, it was remarkably accessible besides, as defending one’s area from invaders would no doubt result in a surplus of freshly killed meat lying about. Furthermore, hunting larger prey is dangerous if done by a group and near-suicidal if done alone, many animals taking quite a bit of abuse from primitive tools before going down, and not before injuring a member of the hunting party or two. A person, however, could be inncapacitied with comparatively little work – a rock in the temple, for example – and yield a sufficient return besides. This type of primitive efficiency is seen in the modern day as well, as various tribes of Papua New Guinea (including the infamous Asmat, who supposedly killed and ate Nelson Rockefeller), Africa, and throughout the Pacific islands.

    As human societies grew more complex, evolving from the most rudimentary kinds of proto-culture to something more recognisable, the exact reasons for acts of cannibalism grew more abstract, as there was no longer as immediate a need to capitalise on any and all opportunities to eat, nor was there as much of a need to avoid luring predators with corpses. Many of the tribal cultures still practicing cannibalism do so for magical-religious reasons, such as to take on the power and attributes of a foe – the African warlord humourously known as ‘General Butt-Naked’ is said to have partaken in cannibalism for precisely these reasons! Another good example of post-primitive cannibalism for spiritual reasons more than practical is the practice of the Indian Aghori sect, a Shaivite tradition which has become infamous for its rather morbid rites, including eating the flesh of the recently deceased. However, unlike previously mentioned examples, they do not kill or harm anyone for their strange communion, and such practices are intended for them to truly know God – after all, how can one say they love and respect creation if they only accept the parts which are pleasing to the senses? Are not the deathly and grotesque also a part of nature, and the rot which feeds life? Furthermore, exposure to such unpleasant stimuli takes no small amount of willpower to override a feeling of revulsion towards the act, and it is through willingly taking part in difficult practices, such as eating the recently deceased, that they develop a state of absolute domination over the lesser parts of themselves which might feel fear or disgust.

    Almost as if the practice of devouring one another is hard-coded into human nature, cannibalistic acts are not limited to the carnal and fleshy. Ideas are subject to being preyed upon in this way, the growth of mythos rarely, if ever, being a spontaneous phenomenon. As cultures interact with both each other and themselves, their various memes undergo changes to reflect the very real movement of people. Most immediately relatable in a broader Sinister context is the way in which folk European traditions were adapted as the region underwent its conversion to Nazarene practices. Instead of merely erasing the native ways and mythos of a given area, they were instead devoured by the Christian organism and thus, made part of it in such a way as to strengthen the organism and help it to adapt to its environment. This is seen in the transmutation of local deities and spirits from mostly benign entities to ghouls, devils, and evil things which snatch away children and livestock. For example, the Devil in modern popular culture is often shown with decidedly goat-like features in the form of cloven hooves and horns, while also possessing very carnal appetites and a certain mischievous inclination. Imagery of the Devil as an anthropomorphic goat-man is not canonical to any sect of Christianity, and is rather the product of demonising, quite literally, the ancient god Cernunnos, who was worshiped by the Celtic peoples, and similarly, the Fauns, Satyrs, and their lord Pan, who were part of the Hellenic cultures to the southeast. Both Cernunnos and Pan shared a similar horned man-beast appearance, as well as their considerable hunger for all manner of sensual gratification – quite possibly the most literal, archetypal depiction of that which is considered ‘Pagan’ – and so the deities previously revered by a people were ‘cannibalised’ as they transitioned from the old ways to their regional flavour of Christianity. Other folk deities across Europe underwent a similar process, such as the north’s Allfather Odin, who formed the basis for the modern archetypal witch, and also from the north, the underworld place of the dead known as Hel, whose later inclusion in Nazarene mythos is obvious. It was not an outside force that endeavoured to suppress old-world traditions in this way either, but elements within each of the cultures, those who swallowed up their own gods, regurgitating them as the politically necessary devils of a new religious form. As cultures shift into new paradigms, their old ways are consumed, and absorbed into the younger, thus contributing to its growth – not unlike young spiders devouring their mother after birth.

    Just as humans prey on their own mythos to create new ones, the mythos themselves also feature instances of people being killed for the purpose of being eaten. In the Greek tale of King Lycaon, for example, the titular king makes a rather foolish attempt at testing Zeus. Lycaon secretly murdered his own son, and then prepared him as a meal for Zeus. Outraged, whether at the moral bankruptcy of the act or the insult to his divine intelligence, or both, Zeus turned Lycaon into a wolf-man as punishment. This story has both literal and symbolic components, as the Greeks found themselves utterly revolted by the savage religious practices of their neighbors, which supposedly included cannibalism, and so their disgust was reflected in their own mythos as a reflection of their societal values. In addition, one of the themes of many Greek myths is that of arrogance. That Zeus chose to react to this one instance implies it was the specific action of a mortal daring to test him which drew his ire, as the practice had obviously predated the Greeks and indeed all of civilisation – where then are the other Lycaonians?

    Another instance of like-devouring-like, this time in Latin, involves the figure of Eumolpus within the Satyricon. Unlike the Greek tale of Lycaon, the cannibalism of Eumolpus was not an act of mortal hubris, but one of necessity for financial gain. Eumolpus is an unextraordinary poet posing as a wealthy individual in order to exploit those who might proverbially bend over backwards in order to gain his inheritance, and indeed, all manner of fawning candidates went to great lengths to appease him. Unable to keep up the ruse, Eumolpus has his will read to the gathered ‘inheritors’, which proclaims that, in order to receive any ‘inheritance’ they must eat his dead body in public. Naturally, the condition of being required to eat Eumolpus’ dead body was intended to ward off those who expected what could not be provided, but it also speaks to the mindset of those who would seek out in some way the legacy of their forebears, as they put on all manner of disingenuous fronts and superficial displays in a shallow attempt at courting approval and thus, assurances of inheritance – and the post-mortem division of assets and legacies does indeed resemble the butchery of a carcass, often done ravenously, as though the inheritors were tearing the corpse apart in the street and swallowing great fistfuls of viscera.

    How curiously do we come full circle.

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