Kòryos – Neither Herd Nor Hive

The Pull of Mars

The Children of Mars (Bawrn) are lost among us. Disheveled and emancipated by the rising of Nation-states thru “global economy”. Once upon a time, they would take up arms to defend their clan. It was during this time that a “rite of passage” was commonplace across the globe. As adolescent boys transcended into manhood, they learned useful skills like fishing, foraging, hunting, raiding, and warfare. These were the keys to the entry gate.

Beyond the Entry Gate

Upon crossing the threshold, by way of proving oneself a contributor to the clan; a set of gates were placed before them. The first and most often chosen was to take up the mantle of one’s family profession. This entailed the understanding that one day you would be called upon to once again take up arms. One day you would give your youngling over to the Kóryos.

The second was the choice to make war your profession. This presented a path in which one could transcend the family’s current caste. Thus specializing in one type of skill set or another. This was a path to glory, honour, and leadership.

In certain cultures, finding death through this gate was the only way to reach a rewarding afterlife. The greatest and most glorious offering one could make in the Temple of Mars was that of self-opfering. Your blood rejoining the Dread Mother’s, to nourish the soil beneath. “Come back with your shield… or on it!” was one blessing spoken. “Valhalla Awaits!” or the native equivalent is another.

The third was the road least travelled. Thus as I see it, the most sacred and spiritual of them. An Opfering of the “civilized man” in lieu of a submission to the beast within. A wyrdful abandonment of the façade of separation from the natural worldly order. Surrendering oneself to the carnal bloodlust and battle rages. Connecting to the WILL of the Dread Mother, and thereby imbuing oneself with seemingly supranatural abilities.

None can claim ignorance to the stories of the Berserkers. Nor deny the sorcery born to the ancient arenas of gladiators. My own people traditionally passed down stories of Cú Chulainn. Thus a resounding echo across the ancient world, undeniable to those with the faculties to comprehend it. To cross this gate was to be reborn with one foot on each side of the veil.

For the sown; A reaper cometh: Death Nexion

Nythra, representing death puts into man all the wisdom of the world, without speaking a word, which the God of the Christians, and with all what the divided Bible contains, promises, and threats does not infuse. Vindex exchanges death for life through “Opfer”. For the one who dies, death is liberation, while through “Opfer” someone’s death is desired that others may live stated by Caiaphas, as in the ritual act it releases hidden energies of the “will aspect”.

“Opfer” urges the progress of those still alive physically, emotionally and intellectually, a kind of rebirth of the living. “Opfer” is to loose in order to gain, as a governing principle of life. When this urge to “Opfer” in order to win, gain or salvage, and that which is deemed desirable is understood, then the “sacrifice” will surely be revealing to the Sinister Man. What it really connotes is the emergence of that which is most sinister in man, as an aspect of desire, the dynamic, active side and not so much the feeling, the sensuous side.-Magister Hagur
The Dark Gods in the Spheres and Pathworkings

Though there may contain many layers of gates after the entry gate, and even more so beyond this gate; this is the transitional gate towards the Void. Our final rite of passage, in the natural worldly order. What lies beyond it cannot ever be known from this side. There have been many cheap promises made over the course of mankind’s existence, these are purely snake oil.

One should be wary of buying snake oil. This is not a new or novel statement. Nothing is promised, and all is permitted. In fact, I am of the ilk in which finds the passionate blind commitment of those seeking to earn their place on the other side; a thing of spectacular beauty. There is something to be said for those willing to die for what they love. This is Honour. This is more human than human. This is a true legacy. This is tangible immortality!

The blood of the heroes is closer to God than the ink of the philosophers and the prayers of the faithful.– Julius Evola

– Beast Xeno

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