Neo-Guerrilla Protocol

Here at 9AO, the idea has always been put forward, that the current Magian / Puritan prison is far too massive and corrupted to wage any kind of effective or sustainable  opposition to. There will be no “revolution” and no plausible social reform. No tactics whether conventional or guerrilla hold a candle of hope to disrupt its momentum. This of course begs the question, what can one do then?

We are inarguably without recourse. The odds are stacked firmly against us. There can be no David/Goliath themed upset. I know that I’m being repetitive. I’m sorry for that, but I’m set on driving the point home.

We can look at our past failures and see the utter futility. AWD and ToB hold as examples. One must wonder what effect was expected. From the conception, they were poisoned. Maybe too much form, maybe not enough subtilty. Too outwardly extreme and also too… how should I say it? “neon”.

What I see, is a test of the kindred code and yet another useless form. The juice is definitely not worth the squeeze. Which, in a way, brings me to the point. The answer to the first question I posed. The kindred code.

So what is it I mean by that? How is the code, something that can be used to oppose this seemingly insurmountable construct? The kindred code denotes a common strength. The bond shared among those who recognize the correct characteristics of their self within others.

Beneficial, cohesive, and symbiotic are the bark, fruit, leaf, and root to any tree.  They operate by the living code of the tree and belong to the natural worldly order. In the correct balance, they sustain the tree’s longevity. A tree is not in a hurry to grow. It simply grows in its own time. Each branch, leaf, and root forms right where it’s needed. The tree has learned to play the long game.

Ultimately the tree’s purpose is domination of it’s perspective domain. The circumference of that domain expands as the tree slowly saturates the ground below and the sky above. Trees are the longest living organisms on the planet. Which when you consider the hostile nature of the world, is a remarkable feat.

This can be difficult to draw parallels with in correlation to what I am discussing. Understand that each tree is it’s own ecosphere. It has its own culture, so to speak; it’s own living code. No two are the same, even within their particular subspecies. They are resilient and strong. They are nearly immortal and yet full of vitality.

As preposterous as it sounds, trees are invasive in nature. So when considering strategies for overcoming vast areas, it’s a foolish not to look at the tree and draw inspiration.  To model our living code to reflect the lessons of trees.

It is my assessment, that to really do anything against the Magian establishment; we must grow. We must become efficient and cohesive. This will mean forgoing instant gratifications, in lieu of more lasting results. Our resolve must be to a twofold effort.

The first is to awaken those predisposed to the correct shared character. The second is to cultivate a knowing in what Jason King would call the NEXT. Rome was not built in a day. It also collapsed in part because it pushed too hard for expansion. Ignoring the principles and commonly known strategy of winning the hearts of the people. Feel free to debate me on that, but I think you’ll find it was a contributing factor.

There will probably be a part two to this, but for now this will do.

-TC Downey

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  1. I love the analogy with the tree. Any intelligent creative mind should appreciate reading this. The strategy presented, is genius! With regards to earlier posts, each time I have read and reflected upon this strategy, it triggers my brain. Perseverance and patience are definitely virtues, in order for the proper execution of the matter.
    Thank you again for sharing some insightful food for thought.

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