Nonagonal Press Presents: Black Book of the Marches

“Associated with Her are other dark, female acausal entities, some of whom have existed, hidden, on Earth for millennia, and who maintain their causal, ageless, and secret, existence by feeding off the acausal life-force of their male human victims whom they entrap, and test, using sexual enchantment, and which victims die after all their life-force has been sucked away.”

With the inaugural publication of “The Black Book of the Marches”, Nonagonal Press opens the pathway to the dark acausal fire of the Sinister Feminine and the germinating energies of Jupiter.

This classic Grimoire of the Dark Tradition gives the three most effective sinister rituals, complete with esoteric details, by which the Blood Mother and Her Dark Daughters can be communed with. Given additionally, is a rite by means of which an individual human being can acquire for themselves an immortal existence in the acausal continuum.

May Her basin be awash with the crimson elixir of life.

36 pages, colored print.

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