O9A: In Paranormal TV (2013)

Two years ago the constituents of my life afforded me the unique opportunity to spend copious amounts of time, up late at night — all night — with Internet Television as my ambiance. Most of the time, it would blend into the background entirely: shows with 7-12 seasons passing by without a shred of attention given. The specific channel was Discovery+ which is a non-negotiable purchase for any True Crime literati. Then one night, I heard a familiar phrase being uttered:

“Sanctus Satanas Sanctus…”

The fuck?! I thought to myself. Let’s rewind that.

So, on Discovery+, there is an old show called “A Haunting,” which aired its sixth season in 2013, of which episode #4 entitled “Haunted Victorian,” is a documentary with re-enactments interspersed between the interviews, like all other episodes. Here is the synopsis:

A couple buys a Victorian-style house, and experiences paranormal activity. After various attempts to resolve the matter they hold a “psychic open house night” in attempt to attract or discover someone who could or would help.

Among the crowd that shows up, a young couple (a Nexion?) shows up, looking like they just walked out of a Slipknot concert, and heads directly to the basement. To which the re-enactment has the pair begin to hold a Satanic ritual with the intent to loose and magnify the demonic energies. In their attempt to open and grow whatever was in the house, they are seen and heard in the re-enactment chanting a fragment of “Sanctus Satanas” known from the o9a’s Black Book of Satan. No information was available in regards to the accuracy of the re-enactment, and both the Travel Channel and Discovery failed to respond to the inquiries I posed to them via e-mail.

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