Pain And Pleasure As Strength And Weakness

The avoidance of Pain is a prime motivator. As is the gaining of Pleasure. Yet these twin forces (Pain and Pleasure) are not equal in terms such as Honor. The gaining of pleasure is often associated with a hedonistic and slothful pursuit and outcome.

Both Pain and Pleasure are tools to be used by the Insidious Operator. All the while understanding that these tools are a weapon and a prison.. The Insidious Operator wields that blade to let-blood from himself or to inflict and receive flow from a target. The Insidious Operator can create a Prison for an enemy or himself. The only difference between your home and a prison is which side of the door the lock is on.

The avoidance of Pain is natural to the mundane. Yet to the Slyman, he recognizes that Pain is a necessity in all creation. To quote Herman Hesse’s Demian,”The bird fights it’s way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.”

Those of us who are Dark Horses are driven by our Insidious Nature to create, build, sustain and destroy systems and worlds. For our pleasure and pain, for and of ourselves, for the pleasure and pain of others, for and of themselves.

Pain for the Slyman is not a weakness, it is a state to be tolerated and adapted to. Much like a man who has built an immunity to a poison or venom. The development of a pain threshold is an asset, not a liability. An example. If you know how to swim and an enemy does not, he may feel comfortable in the shallow end of the pool where he can measure and feel the depth of the water. But you, who are able to swim and do not fear the deep, because you’ve been there before, can drag that enemy into the unknown.

Understanding, repetition and experience build competency. Ignorance, infrequency and inexperience build incompetency. Pain is a Teacher, learn from it, use it, create with it or destroy.

Pleasure and the temptation of, is a great influencer. How many have fallen in pursuit of Pleasure? Pleasure, like Pain, is equal in it’s depth. For example there is great Honor in society by preserving the ignorance on the depths of Pain and Pleasure. And there is a great dishonor in illuminating the same.

But what say we? We who are Insidiously Inclined? Do we drag the mundane into deep waters? Do we preserve and protect those with potential? Are we to be Prophets, Priests and Saviors? Liars, Deceivers and Destroyers?

Pain and Pleasure, inflict, reject or receive. The choice is yours, as long as you achieve.

~ Dread Zod

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