The Matter of Acceptance by Herald Veles (Guest Essay)

“The only thing you can count on is change, so you might as well get used to it.”. This verbal expression or some variation thereof is prevalent, at least in the West, almost universally. Usually those expressing it are doing so in reference to the external world around them. They fail, or refuse rather to consider it is they who are the harbingers of Chaos and change.

The universe was born of Chaos, and through its will humanity was given rise on Earth. Why would one then ignore themselves born of Chaos? Intimately connected to it, even? There are numerous and varied answers, but they may all ring true. Indoctrination into societal or religious morality may be the most prevalent of these answers. Whatever the mundane reason that may be given, the reality is that many are happy to ignore their sinister nature that is the will of Chaos in favor of the blanket of security that comes with conformity.

Humanity assigns artificial concepts of “good” and “evil” to almost everything in this causal world. People and institutions are assigned qualities that carry with them either positive or negative connotations. However in one’s own mind, they know the matter is not so simple. There is no such thing as good and evil, only some combination of both that exist in tandem. Thus is the nature of Chaos and the proof of our acausal ability to psychically connect with it. The shadow self is hidden only to be indulged later as the “mask” is removed, while those qualities that exemplify the “good” are held out for all to see.

What does one do, when they wish to accept that they are in fact just that – both “good” and “evil”. They must first struggle and then accept that their perception has been veiled by man’s willful blindness. To the vigilant Slyman, they will use this to their advantage. For those able to exist in this causal world diligently promoting the “good” qualities society desires, they are able to equally foster their own chaotic will to exert influence around them. Acceptance is a battle and a struggle, one that must be endured for what it is. There will always be moments where one force of Chaos exerts its will over the other, even once acceptance of the sinister has been made.

Once one has acknowledged that they are not two halves but instead a whole, acceptance has been made and liberation from the bounds of humanities moral constraint can begin one down the path of the sinister. Each Slyman must make this decision for themselves, to embrace Chaos is both a daunting and liberating experience. Close your eyes, as winter utters its cold shroud forth find yourself a moment of solitude in the woods after a fresh snow. Listen past the sound of silence, and you very well may find your own acceptance.

-Herald Veles 2022

Special thanks to Herald Veles for tapping the Current of Darkhorse and writing this for us.

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