The Reflected Revealed – One Ritual of Shamanic and Necromantic Channeling

Find a location where the bones of an animal have been buried and arrange several medium-sized stones in a henge to resemble the symbol of the A:O. Once night has fallen, place two candles on the left and right side of the A:O symbol, using lanterns to protect the candles from the wind if necessary.

Beginning at the top of the symbol, walk widdershins around the stones while using the shaker, ensuring the rhythm of the shaking is akin to a heartbeat. One rotation translates to one reverse revolution of the Earth around the Sun, so walk around the stones until the number of revolutions reaches the year in which the animal perished. If you do not possess that knowledge, cease when it feels right, ending where you began.

Walk through the centre of the stones, turn around and kneel in front of the bottom of the A:O symbol. Focus on the area where the bones are situated and visualise the essence outline of the animal rising from its resting place, its luminescent colour corresponding to the emotion it felt at the moment of its passing. Allow yourself to become a nexion for the spirit of the animal: roar, scream, yelp, whimper. Be honest about what you feel from the animal and channel it into wondrous expression, permitting it to change you, shift you, into the animal.

Before long, exhaustion will take root. You will collapse to the floor and be presented with the option to close your eyes and engage the visions that come, or enjoy the chthonic emptiness of the night sky above.

Addendum: Crafting the Shaker

For the construction of the shaker the following ingredients and equipment are required: 1 fabric pouch, 2 small glass vials (with corks), 3 small pieces of quartz, seeds, blood-infused salt or soil and several tiny stones.

Begin by filling the pouch with some salt. Add the tiny stones to the glass vials, fill them a quarter of the way, seal them, and then add them – plus the rest of the ingredients – to the pouch. Make sure the contents of the pouch have enough room to clash, lest an underwhelming sound be generated upon shaking.

Penultimately, fasten several bone fragments to a length of string and tie it around the pouch about an inch below the top, proceeding to seal the top of the pouch with hot wax. Lastly, attach the sigil or symbol relevant to the working(s) that the shaker will be used for by drawing the sigil/symbol on a small piece of parchment and sealing it against the pouch with hot wax.

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