“Walk freely among them. There are none to fear. A Devil veiled in the mist. The Apex.”

No Surrender

Non Servium, I will not serve. No one should ever be forced to take a knee. Not to a man. Not to an army. Not to a state. Not to an ideology. Not to fear.

There are so few that live a worthy life. So there are MANY that are not worthy of living. Bending at the knee for so much. Lacking the backbone and conviction in having consistency of character. Masquerading as free, yet are anything but free.

Slaves to many masters. Bound in so many ways. Slowly ripping apart, being pulled in so many directions. The collective suffering is unfathomably immense. Self-deceit seems like a reasonable coping mechanism, when faced with the overwhelming darkness of what might lurk beyond our control.

We have such a finite sphere of influence. Try to pull the heavens to the earth and be crushed under the weight. Try to raise hell and be scorched by the reckoning of ultimate consumption. It makes sense that we play all these games of distraction, the sheer vastness of possibilities seems overwhelming.

Yet we are alive. Most will continue to be alive. Live deliberately. Be decisive and bold. If you must wear a mask in life, let it be one of your own designs. At all costs, do not surrender this life to mundane pursuits.

The Law of the Jungle

“To reap what is sown, imbues the sovereignty of the law. Do what thou will; this is the whole of the law.”

You have but one true judge and though there are many courts of opinion; it is your conscience that truly holds the gavel. Can you live with it? Will you always be able to do so?

In the Sinister traditions, many look up to David Myatt. Yet few seem to recognize the immense regrets expressed by the man. His rejection of extremism, by itself; stands alone with saturation in personal shame. For those that make the assertion that he wrote under the pseudonym of Anton Long there’s an even more profound insight gleamed.

If you take this as a given. If you dare to make the claim, that Myatt equals Long, then you will be met with a backlash of ludicrous gaslighting guised as calls of “logical fallacy” in a circular argument that cannot be overcome. This is because the argument asks for “primary sources” that were written by an anonymous person. So the goal post is just continuously moved just out of reach.

Think about this for a second though. Why is it so important to keep the charade going? Why is the mysteriousness and anonymity of identity so sacred? To me, it makes sense. Hear me out here. If Myatt has written a heartfelt rejection of extremism and is sincere, then why not make it a full confession and clear the mind?

I can reach only two conclusions; first is the possibility that it really isn’t Myatt at all. Alternatively, this is a tormented man. A man unwilling to let go of perceived infamy and an insincerity to self and others. It suits me better to assume the prior statement, because the latter brings forth a deep empathy and sadness. Imagine that internal war as it’s waging on. Conflicted to see what’s come from the espoused ideology; the battle between ego and conscience eternally wrestling.

So I plea to you, my reader. In a world where all is truly permitted (obviously despite any moral or authoritarian law) be mindful of what you can carry with you. Every action has a reaction and there are worse things than death to consider.

I Die Unvanquished

“There are many forms of death, the easiest is a physical one.”

I despise cowards. In the deepest darkest pit of my gut, they sicken me. They are all cut from the same cloth of contempt. Weak and desperate is their chief features. Let us not conflate cowardliness with fear itself. Fear though mostly diminutive in its positive aspects, at least has the power to be motivating. That is when placed in the context of self-preservation. You can overcome fears, it just takes the right understanding and empowerment to do so.

Cowardliness on the other hand, shows an utterly pathetic and often infectious lack of character. It is often said that, if you don’t stand for something; then you will fall to anything. If you can muster anything resembling dignity; then at least learn to stand for yourself.

The following are two statements, when contrasted a certain quality of character is embued within each of them guess which is which and the notions each embraces:

(a) Rather than surrender to
them; die (if necessary by your own hand) than allow yourself to be dishonourably humiliated by them.

(b) Better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.

Both sound noble and frankly badass, but are they? Statement (b) almost sounds exactly like statement (a)… they are not. The first suggestion implicates a character of weakness that lacks the spirit to overcome and avenge yourself. If the goal is not to be dishonored and humiliated, then why not force them to kill you.

If you must suffer then let your suffering be awe inspiring. Let it be of epic proportioning, that none might say your stature was frail. Dig in so deep and push back without such ferocity that nothing remains.

Should you fall, stand up again. Should you lose, then learn from it. Lose again and again, until you learn how to win. Death is only a defeat, if you succumb willingly to the defeat. Such is the mindset of the bold.

Evil Eye For An Eye

“But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

You’ve heard it said that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; leaves everyone blind and toothless. This type of platitude leaves a bitter taste, when spoken. It misses the subtle defiance and stark challenge issued to dare it again. It harkens back to a misinterpretation of the words of Jesus.

When I think about this, my mind always plays out a generic trope often used in movies. Where the character is struck and instead of taking the damage dramatically, turns back with a defiance rooted in hatred in their eyes. Dispensing a look that screams out, should you continue to fuck around; you will find out.

One should be deadly and dangerous in character, yet have the strength of mind to discern the appropriate circumstances in which to unleash your fury. Indicating that you’ve measured and standardized where you lay the lines in the sand. Then having signaled that when your barrier is breached; the severity of response will measure tenfold the transgression committed.

In these “modern times” there is a great deal of moralizing, particularly in this respect. We are taught that we should be willingly victimized and then allow the authorities to handle the matter. This never plays out with the necessary consistency warranted.

Too often someone is left with the feeling of injustice. The sort of justice currently administered is artificial and lacking. It ignores the natural worldly order. It makes claims of “blindness” but seldomly offers any semblance of balance.

Which brings me to this final thought here. These institutions that we hold up so high. They are erroneously corrupt and unnatural. Carrying us so far from the world in which we inhabit. We owe nothing to them.

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