Many Hate Winter. The cold is painful, the landscape is barren and the signs of life are scarce. Winter and Death are synonymous. To maintain Life during Winter is dangerous. Tasks that were once mundane are suddenly infused with Chaos. The comfort and weakness accumulated in the season prior reveals itself during Winter. Nature reveals the solution in the leaves, once green, decompose and shed, falling to the ground, crumbled into a thousand pieces, dissapaiting into nothingness. So shall what is useless to you manifest itself in discomfort and pain. Blessed are those who experience this Insidious season in its fullness.

In times of high stress, the mundane retreat. Pain, resistance, discomfort and ordeal is an enemy. But, to we, the Darkhorses, they are teachers. Indicators to endure, to persist, to overcome, forging a new creature, shedding weakness and ultimately revealing what we are, clearing a path for intent and what will become.

The Coyote does not hibernate in the Winter. In fact the Coyote has a higher predatory drive during the Winter. Starting in the southwest, they now inhabit all 50 States. Look to the Coyote. Are we not more than they?

Regardless of the season, the mundane are in hibernation, mentally dead with the body still breathing. Winter in particular brings with it a constant barrage of Magian influence. Gluttonous feasting, gross materialism, trans-desert deity worship by an open fire. For you dear reader, tis’ the season to sow chaos. Though the ground is frozen,

“The blood of the living makes good fertilizer for the seeds of the new.” ~ Conrad Robury

How long wilt thou sleep oh sluggard?

~Dread Zod

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