Wyrd – The Dark Empath

Awakened Current

I have spent my entire life in pursuit of ‘Awakening’. Struggled to understand its meaning and master its form. Endless hours of meditation. Countless rituals and evocations. Immersed in psychotropic substances and intentional deprivations. I was fixated on Astral Projection and what is called OBE(s). All of this work has brought me to one resounding error.

I sought what was already there. An aspect of being that is disconnected, severed by generations of domestication. We are born with an innate connection to the whole. Call it our sixth sense. The meta-awareness of life as its entirety. A triangle is the perfect representation of its understanding. A side for the mind. One for the body. One for the spirit. All connected as one.

The dreamer and the dream; realized as dreaming. The creator and creation are the two phases of creativity. Have you ever wondered where the artist is separated from his painting? Or maybe when The musician ends and the song begins? What separates the thought from it’s thinker?

What is empathy? How do we come to it? These connections we form, are most curious.

The Dark-lighted Pathway

 As I sit staring out the window, at the trees swaying in the breeze; my mind relaxes. I tune into the symphony that dances before me. All of existence pulsating in a sea of living vibrancy. Mesmerized by the seemingly endless stream of continuous connectivity, projecting from my consciousness outward; simultaneously acting in each plane and manifesting in the next. I am aware of the wondrousness that is being. So clearly I see the supernatural, and know it isn’t what it has been made out to be; instead something much more.

Do not mistake this for superstition. I am firmly grounded without the hysterics of ignorant falsity. Tangibly and verifiable, the sorcery is exploding in a fantastic supernova; engulfing everything imaginable and always. Though at this moment, I am only its witness; at times I am its composer, and at others its agent. I recognize that I may choose any role within it, I simply must recognize how it is connected to me. Like any great Magus, a gesture made, a symbol drawn, the calling of a name, or a chant in whisper; might give me the power to bend the folds of reality.

One relationship, I’ve develop an interest in unlocking the secrets to; is the self as primal, carnal, and ephemeral. Is it not the ivory skeleton-key carved out to open all the doors of potential? I celebrate its induction, codifying it by denoting it symbolically as a skull. What a potent representation, which saturates my mentation as I struggle to understand Influences; how they affect me, and how I can wield them. One might wonder, out of all the eligible symbols to represent our being; why the skull?

The temple which houses all that we know and all that we are. The fortress of mind and soul. It is a  flaccid and malleable frame, for that which enters this world first. In life its contents are the key to unlocking understanding and potential. Long after the last breath escapes, after the flicker’s echo is gone; it still haunts its final bed. A worthy pot for the blooming bulbs of experience. No other symbol speaks so strongly of mortality.


The Chalice of Consciousness

 This beautiful totem has been vilified, blossoming into the most feared representation of all time. Adorning all that the puritan mandate deems harmful and destructive. The Slyman recognizes it as the Chalice of Consciousness. Clasped between the palms of Queen of the Night. A dull silvery-white goblet adorned with three names etched in onyx ink. Shugara, Noctulius, and Nythra the Dark Gods of inner sinister awareness. Depicted above; nested in the center of the three points of self, within the enneagram. Is this the vile symbol of death and destruction, or the chamber of thought; or both?

“The Moon, the Great Mother of the Underworld Realm, the netherworld, the underground world is an archetype of a place as well as a personality pattern. The underworld corresponds symbolically to the personal and collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is the realm of archetypes, or universal human pattern, that can be constellated, precipitated, or evoked by circumstances that energise them. These patterns have existed through time, lived out by people who have long since died. In a sense they exist as “shades”, or archetypes that indeed are repeatedly born again (as long as they are remembered). Here, the erroneous belief in reincarnation.

The Moon, in the plenitude of the dark power, authority and dominion over the night, the darkness, and the surface of the deep, Noctulius and Satanas, each following their own course are hovering as Dragons over the Earth, passing on the “password” to all those willing to listen and act upon.”– Magister Hagur

Once this essence is awakened; it can never be closed again. Not entirely, at least. The shadowy ‘self’ will remain a constant whisper. An eerie reminder that you have passed the point of no return. You cannot unsee what Hagur deemed “The Dark Light”. You were caught in the Rational Gaze.

To this end, comes the hard task, to keep the gate open. So that all of its mystery and majesty scorches through enshrouding you into the deep; into the Void. Emptying the Chalice, so that it may be filled with something more worthy. Something insidious, something sinister.

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